My story

From last couple of months I was observing that my teeth have become yellow. The most embarrassing thing was to edit my own teeth color in photographs before uploading. So I decided to get rid of this faded color. Then my very first step was I started take care of brushing my teeth more cautiously but I found no improvement. In fact they become more yellow.

Second thing I did I searched for the route cause. I got to know that teeth become yellow due to some of these habits.

  1. Poor oral hygiene.
  2. Excessive use of tea or coffee.
  3. Eating too much of dark foods like marinara sauce, blueberries, and soy sauce.
  4. Taking too much energy drinks or citrus fruits.
  5. Smoking

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But the fact is I was doing nothing any of the above given list. Then what can be the root cause of my yellow teeth. One other thing was also striking in my mind that me and my husband usually ate similar food and he was not facing such issue. One day I realized that the toothpaste I am using from last couple of years is different from his toothpaste, and although mine was effective to maintain my oral hygiene but because of its dark orange color my teeth become yellow. I instantly changed my toothpaste from the famous whitening toothpaste.

After using few months I didn’t find any change in the color of my teeth. Then in the third step I started applying some home remedies for whitening teeth.

Baking Soda: My first home remedy was applying baking soda. Because I read at various places that it is very effective in whitening teeth. But after applying various times I hardly felt any change. On the other hand I was also scared from the side effects of baking soda of gums. So I discontinued using baking soda.

Salt: After struggling so much I discussed my problem with my mother and she suggested a remedy which include rubbing and cleaning teeth with some salt and mustard oil mixture with the help of the fingertip after brushing as usual and rinse it off. Really it was effective. I did it once a day and noticed a change just after using twice only.

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Banana Peel: My impatience always pushes me to do some more efforts to get fast result. So this was another remedy I started using side by side. Once a day I rubbed banana peel on my teeth. It was effective and easy to use too. Generally teeth become yellow near the gum and cleaning with salt was little hurting to them but using banana peel was smooth and painless. I prefer to use little unripe banana peel to clean my teeth. And after few weeks my teeth become sparking white.

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Coconut Oil: This is also good and effective home remedy to get white teeth. Take a spoon of coconut oil, keep into your mouth for few minutes and then rinse it off. You can also try this remedy simple and easy.

All the best and have a big sparkling smile.