Woman is the most beautiful, intelligent and delicate creature of the nature. Every woman wants to look more and more beautiful but I think every beauty held inside every woman, but sometimes in life struggle she forgets to feel her beauty.

No beauty comes from makeup. Our beauty lies within ourselves, which becomes visible if we take care of these important points.

A person looks beautiful if he/she is healthy. Good health has a different kind of shining in skin, and can be clearly visible on the face. So ladies start eating fresh and healthy food to look beautiful. There is no other alternative of balanced diet. And taking balanced diet is not so difficult, just keep an eye over it that our daily diet has all these things – carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium, fats, water etc. Including some daily exercise for mind relaxation is good too. A healthy body and refreshed mind always look beautiful.

how to look beautiful without makeup

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Too fat or too lean body doesn’t look good regardless how much makeup you apply. To look beautiful naturally, make your Body mass index (BMI) within range from 18.5 to 24.9. Healthy and fit body looks beautiful naturally and feels active and interactive with surroundings.

Your perspectives towards life, your satisfaction level in your life make a big difference in your appearance. If you accept things easily, believe in this fact i.e. “no one’s life is perfect” and you are getting what you deserve for, then you have positive perspective towards life. This satisfaction from life enhances your beauty.

Beauty and smartness are just two sides of a coin. You cannot look beautiful without looking smart and you cannot look smart without being educated. Educate yourself as much as you can, educate not only in any institution, our society, our home, our relatives are also some kind of institutions, get involved and continue learning always.

Always keep your eyes open and be keen to know/learn new things. Read as many books. Books are the best source of enlighten yourself. In my views the definition of beauty is “how much you can impress others”, and it comes from our knowledge.

Other important thing to increase the beauty is “Always want good for others too”. The person who thinks good/positive for other people too, is beautiful in true meaning. Have you observed there are some people who look relatively very bad in pictures than actuality; this is because of their negative thoughts. (There are some other factors too like self confidence etc to make their pictures bad.) Think Good, Be Good, Do Good.

Believe in yourself. Love more. These things make you comfortable in every environment. Belief helps to make you stress free.  Stress is the biggest enemy of our beauty. Yoga and some meditation can also help to get rid of stress from the life.

Key of a beautiful face is smile. Wear smile on our face as a necessary ornament, believe me it suits you the most.