We fight, we love, we argue, we play, we discuss, we share, we know- we are the mother and daughter.

The mothers always create a secure region around their daughters in all matters. Since centuries, parents have been really careful while bringing up a girl child. Girls are considered to be the most preciously raised child. It is because they encounter physical, social, psychological, and emotional sufferings in different phases of life.

Mother and daughter have a special bonding with lots of debates, clashes, disagreements, quarrels, disputes. The teenage brings surprises to this tie. There are some issues that are delivered when a daughter reaches the youth age. They may fight upon:-

Why teenage daughter and mom's fight

Image credit goes to Flickr Sally Kelso

Daughters are found to get a quarrel come in between when it comes to freedom. They want the permission when a friend invites or when they see classmates posting pictures ‘without parents’ outings.’

Mothers need to talk to her without making her friends bad in the conversation. It is best to give her time every month for a hangout with friends, but, inside the fixed time. Inviting them at home will create a new culture.

Mothers want their daughters to share all the matters they go through each day. But, teenagers gradually find this difficult.

Girls are undoubtedly very verbal, but, the teenage girls need a friend not only a mother when they speak. It is important for a mother to listen like a mother, think like a most understanding person and speak or react like a friend. Even your single expression does matter, so mothers always take extra care when they listen to their girls’ talks before reacting.

Growing girls’ room changes according to the age. The teddies, the night time stories, bubble paints, the toys all around may take a back seat and that also after a fight.

Avoid any issues upon the room interiors. When you can come from cot to a bed, then, why not step forward. Children grow and so their choices. Girls want to kick off the babyish atmosphere and enter the adolescent one. This includes the home also. Mothers need to take time and renovate her daughter’s room without compromising with the affection.

Mothers want daughters to follow their footsteps even when they are on the way to choose their favorite subjects. Pressure continues with more and more arguments.

This argument comes with lots of expectations. But, parents need to encourage not only a teenage kid but also their babies by considering the options available on real educational or social level.

It is also common to watch them fighting in public. The self- involved mothers often humiliate their daughters for either behaving older or behaving like a child.

It’s difficult to recognize when daughters can suddenly show their mature behavior and can show that they are still the little angels. In any situation, mothers should appreciate in public and talk calmly in private.

Mothers stressed up with her issues with the husband– can blow out on daughters. The stress pushes them to erupt in front of the softest target.

Avoid the teenage daughters becoming the audience to her parent’s personal hassles. This puts a permanent impact on a teenager’s mind. Keep the private matters private. It is always a good practice to resolve personal issues with husband in the absence of kids regardless their age.

The school life is a phase that has various elements to propose. Teenagers have study and peer pressure, putting them too complicated situations. They quarrel at home, especially when their moms are busy with their own schedules.

Talk to her classmates kindly. Later, teachers will help with some important options. The daughters become weak while entering the adolescence and they need emotional support even when it comes to studies.

Not able to make choice with their hairstyles and clothing is another issue between a mother and daughter. When daughters want to wear the newest of fashion and make the buns on their heads, the mother wants them to be simple and stick to the frocks that remind them of their little angel.

Mothers should focus on the changing teenage fashion. They can adopt the mother and daughter fashion ideas and it will be easier to reach her new age thinking.

For any mother, it is extremely difficult to tackle with her teenage daughter.  It is necessary to first listen, think and talk calmly. The best solution should be positive. It takes lots of love, understanding, humor, time to handle the angles becoming teenage elders.