Reading is such a precious gift for all of us. It is important equally for adults and kids.

For kids:

Do you know that reading aloud to children is critical to their language development, even before they can talk? Indeed! It builds awareness of sounds, which is the first building block of reading. Babies understand and speak a language early if you read for them regularly.

Reading to your child helps strengthen your bond with them. Generally mother-child bonding is hit in the house but if you start reading for child, you never know you and child can also make a hit.

Babies understand different emotions and reactions over them. They start to understand how to cry, how to laugh, how to be happy, how to be sad etc.

why reading is important for kids

Image Credit Flickr By US Department of Education

Reading helps the child to form a positive association with books in the future. Books can be the best friend in one’s life. Indeed they are true friend because they never leave you behind in any difficult situation they never left you bored, show you the right path and capable to answer of all your queries.

This is our responsibly to teach our children the importance of books and the best way to read many books in front of them and for them too. When I asked my 4 year old daughter from which toy you play in the indoor play time (free time) of school, she replied that she reads picture story books. This was amazing feeling she has given to me that time.

Picture books play a big role in the child’s development. It combines visual and verbal narratives in a book format, most often aimed at young children. The illustrations of a picture book help children understand what they are reading and allow young readers to analyze the story.

For adults:

This was my birthday and my daughter said to her father to gift books to me because she observed that I like books. This was my true gift that my daughter has started importance of books at least for me in this young age.

Experts say reading your favorite book just for 6 minutes in a day is a good stress buster. So whenever you feel sad depressed or frustrated start reading, it would defiantly help you out.

If you are not habitual of reading then start it with the book of your interest and in the language you enjoy reading. Reading is for your personal interest so never think about others reactions. Books never leave you alone if you are a good friend of books. In fact books make your alone time the best time. It keeps you aware, enlightened, and you get all your answers by books.

Reading books keeps you so much updated that you can participate in any kind of discussion, whether it is a family matter of discussion in the house or some big level major issue discussion. It increases your analytical thinking skills too.

Tips when you can spend quality time with your books:

While travelling, we all feel boring. I carry one or two of my favorite books with me and then I never got a chance to get bored. It is also very boring to wait my daughter’s school bus, so now I carry a book very me and enjoy reading at bus stop. Similarly I am not too talkative so whenever I go for a long visit at some relative’s place it becomes sometimes very difficult to pass time without books. Books are also helpful when I don’t feel sleepy at night.