A baby turns the life into a new phase which surrounds only him and nobody else. After a child, his time becomes your time, his schedule becomes your schedule and his demands become your demands. Your 24 hour day finishes like 48 hours. They keep you busy like nothing else in the world. The only reason behind all this is “they are yours.” You are their only hope and secure shelter.

Though, it’s a difficult phase for all parents but, the more you grow as parent, the more interesting life begins.

It’s not wise to expect a baby to show quick responses. The baby cries, smiles, shows tongue, blinks eyes etc. The most difficult is to understand when they cry. Crying sometimes is usual but, when your child is crying at a particular time always, stay alert. There are many cases when baby shows long weeping hours after waking up. Following reasons may help in understanding their continuous crying:-

why does my baby wake up crying

Image Credit Flickr by Critical Moss

  1. Firstly, it’s considered normal if your baby is crying between sleeping hours. Waking up makes them little uncomfortable to go to other sleep cycle.
  2. It is sometimes the baby had a too little sleep and starts weeping when wakes up. Try to give a swing or check the pacifier has fallen out of mouth, when you find the baby is waking up.
  3. Babies also need time after waking up. The laziness after sleep can continue for some time.
  4. Many parents keep holding the baby all the time and this habit troubles them after. This will make the baby cry the moment you keep him down and will wake up immediately.
  5. Experts say, parents should avoid rushing up to the baby when suddenly he wakes up crying. Give some time and see if he sleeps himself.
  6. By six months of age, babies start sleeping for little long. But, if they skip the regular cycle, try to get them back to it.
  7. Babies cry while waking up if they are wet. Bed wetting is a problem in a bigger age and a usual routine for babies. Mothers have to check on time and make the baby dry before he takes another nap.
  8. Slept for long time and then crying may predict baby’s hunger. Newborn babies need feed in every 1 and half hour.
  9. Babies feel alone when they don’t find anyone around after waking up and cry. You have to resist the urge to run, but, if crying continues play with him by making different faces, putting a moving toy in front and make him busy to forget crying.
  10. The weather is also the reason if your baby cries after a nap. In winters, babies feel cold, if not in a cozy bed. Give warm bedding and check if the baby is wearing enough warm clothes. Mothers can sleep with the baby to give extra warmth.
  11. Sometimes, breastfeeding is not enough for the baby. Babies feel hungry frequently and cry, taking small sleeps. Start baby foods on time and see the change.
  12. In other matters, babies more than 8 months age may have teething troubles, stomach cramps etc. Check your doctor in such cases. It is important to see any illness before it grows.

There are infant sleep experts available, see to them and your baby will come to a comfort sleeping pattern which was not pursued earlier.