Taking care of your LO or Little One always tops your priority list, this is because they are vulnerable to everything and anything around them. Same goes for dishwasher detergents that are often laden with toxic ingredients to get the grime off the dishes. But are these good for your baby’s sipper and their bottles? Using your regular detergent can trigger off loads of digestive issues and other health hazards for your LO, so what to do? It is essential to first learn which type should you buy and what is safe for your baby.

Which Type of Dishwasher Detergents Safe for Babies

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About natural dishwashers

Often you go on purchasing a dishwasher detergent just because it is labeled natural, but how many times you know what it means? When you see a natural dishwasher detergent, it is environment-friendly. With this, it is clear that these detergents are devoid of any toxic ingredients and concoctions that are harmful in any way. So, you are good to use it for washing your baby dishes too.

The second reason is that it is safe and good for the health of your toddler. The absence of chemicals makes it safe for the baby, they are in no way inhaling or ingesting indirectly anything that is dangerous to them. Often the cleaners and disinfectants used in regular dishwashing contributed to indoor pollution and they emit poisonous substances without our knowing, these are harmful to the baby that is new to the environment and is vulnerable to it all.

Ingredients to avoid

Now that you know how good is the natural stuff it is essential to understand how to choose a harmless and a natural dishwasher detergent. Always read the labels that will help you understand what all it contains. Following are the two most dangerous ingredients that you will ever find that is bad for the health of your LO.

  • Phosphates
  • Chlorine
  • Ammonia

Why no Phosphates?

Although these are often used for the purpose of water softening and these are additives, they are responsible for causing nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Another thing is that it may also cause skin allergy or trigger one. This is indeed the bad news for your baby.

Why No Chlorine?

This is often used as a bleaching agent that emits harmful fumes. So, even if you think you have stored it safely away from the reach of your toddler, chances are you are already polluting the air within the house and the fumes are affecting the little one. The tell-tale signs have blocked the airway, nasal irritation, redness of eyes and yes dioxin that too is produced when chlorine reacts with air that is a carcinogen.

No Ammonia?

So, you think that ammonia is good as it helps clean the grime off the dishes, but no, please pass it off as it emits poisonous fumes within the house. This is again something that is not good anywhere near your baby. Avoid any detergent that does not say ammonia free.

Artificial perfumes or phthalates

Although we all like our dishes smelling like fresh daisies, what about the side effects of these for the baby. If any detergent that you are using is giving pleasant smell then it is most likely also leaving a residue on the dishes. If ingested can wreak havoc on the digestive tract of the baby. Avoid it completely.

So, now the two golden rules to go by prior to purchasing dishwasher detergent for your baby dishes are, first read the labels and avoid any that contains toxic ingredients.