It happens that some women experience menopause and they are confused if this is it? Another thing is that often many are not expecting to have symptoms even when they are not having periods. So, how can one determine the right age and symptoms for menopause? Through this article, you will be able to understand all about menopause age and the reasons behind it.

What is the Menopause Age

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The first thing that you need to understand is that there is no definite age for menopause as it varies from person to person. Usually, it is believed to be between the ages of 48 to 55. The average menopausal age in most women is around 51 years. Let us understand more about it.

When does menopause begin?

Often women are confused regarding the right age of menopause, however, the age for menopause of that of 48-55. This is often considered as the average age for having menopause. To begin with the symptoms of menopause, it began appearing 8 years prior to the onset of menopause. However, in the recent survey, it is seen that many women are experiencing menopause as early as the 30s. Still, it is not the determinant or something that is all for every woman.

While some experience pre-menopausal symptoms, others do not experience anything of such. Symptoms like insomnia, hot flashes, anxiety and mood swings may be experienced by some. With everyone, the symptoms may vary and some may not even experience it. Another thing to note is that these symptoms do not necessarily translate to your moving in the direction of menopause, as these symptoms are commonplace.

When should one expect it?

Often the biggest fact is that a woman experiences menopause around the same age as her mother had. While there is another theory that says if a woman bears children in later years they tend to have a delayed menopause. So, it cannot be said that it is hereditary. Another thing to note is that do not be under the impression that if periods begin late then menopause will be delayed too.

Why some experience it early?

The major reason for early menopause may be related to the medical procedure involving radiation to the pelvis. This often damages ovaries and even the level of estrogen is affected. Other factors may be related to the number of pregnancies, use of birth control pills, lifestyle and breastfeeding children. If you are taking birth control to avoid pregnancies then you may notice signs of menopause early and if you have breastfed the babies longer you may experience menopause later. Additionally, it also includes hysterectomy, medically or surgically induced menopause.

Factors influencing menopause:

  • Smoking influences menopause and may trigger it a couple of years earlier as compared to non-smokers.
  • Another factor is related to smoking of father if you were in your mother’s womb and your father (or people around there) smoked then too menopause may be triggered earlier. This is what a study revealed in Japan and in Journal of American Society.
  • Eating habits too are related to the onset of menopause. For example, if you are suffering from bulimia or anorexia then it will begin early for you.
  • Stress and excessive exercise are yet other leading factors for triggering menopause.
  • Medical procedures and medical conditions like breast cancer, autoimmune disease, and hormonal imbalance accelerate menopause.