Life is much busy for everyone and every day it’s a rush hour especially in the mornings. Office work, meetings, personal things, family things to handle and many things build up your day and many of us carry work to home, which makes you skip sleep in time. Again it’s the same routine the next day. Skipping sleep during the weekdays and trying to catch it up on the weekends is a regular story we hear from our friends and family members. But what most do not realize is that trying to catch up with the lost sleep by sleeping in for more time during the weekends is actually not good for our health.

Weekend Sleep is Good or Bad for Us

It is commonly known as the “social jet lag” by sleep experts as the behavior is similar to jet lag after long hours travel and your clock is reversed with day and night. Based on the research by these experts these patterns of sleeping hours is linked to heart disease, anxiety, depression and other health disorders.

After some research among different age groups, people with social jet lag experienced fatigue, mood swings, insomnia and were at a risk for developing other serious health illness.

Are you on social jet lag?

Our body gives us signals about when things are wrong or if there is something not right. But most of the times we prefer to ignore it for our own comforts. Hence, most neglect to recognize the signs of social jet lag and continue their weekend habits without realizing how they are harming their own body and health. Being tired on the weekends due to waking up late or for catching up on much sleep does not sound right, does it? Because if you really had a good sleep, why is it making you irritable and restless? It’s the sign that your body telling you that you need rest. This is called social jet lag and if you are experiencing it, then it’s time to change your habits and lifestyle.

Effects of weekend sleep and social jet lag

Staying awake for more than usual time on the weekends and waking up later the next day morning, causes many health problems.


Research has found that the social jet lag makes people obese, which is a risk factor for various other disorders.


One of the main reasons for people being diabetic is their lifestyle. High-calorie foods, no exercise in the routine and irregular sleep are some of the main reason for high levels of sugar in the blood.

Heart conditions

Obesity and diabetic causes heart problems. Irregular sleep patterns make the blood circulation irregular causing the heart to function irregularly too. This can cause serious heart disorders such as heart attack etc.

Ways to learn healthy sleep routine

It is important to recognize what keeps you away from sleep on the weekends or what stops you.

  1. Avoid working late hours in the night. Plan your work before leaving from work and sleep at a regular time in the night. Do not compromise your health, because lost time will never be back.
  2. Keep your phones away from you and do not attend chat messages and any other things which are not as important.
  3. Eat at least 2 hours before bedtime and do not use alcohol or smoke before going to bed.
  4. Avoid drinking any beverages such as coffee, tea before bedtime.
  5. Eat healthy foods and less of high calories and sugar.
  6. It’s good to enjoy with friends and family once in a while. But do not make that routine for late night parties on every weekend making you skip sleep. It affects you the worse then you can ever know.

In a nutshell, leading a healthy lifestyle helps you to be healthy. The routine might be boring, but a healthy routine with proper time follow up keeps you energized and happy.