Pregnancy is a 9 months journey towards a new role in life which starts and needs care forever. A safe and secure pregnancy is a dream and an effort too. Would be mothers get loaded with many tips and suggestions. It’s true that all the caring approaches are important as they belong to the good healthy unborn life in us. You just need to bring yourself in front for all the challenges and turns.


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Pregnancy carries many body changes, pieces of advice, tests, analysis etc. There are very conflicting views about the tests and doctor’s criteria when pregnant. Mothers go through many doubts and confusions in all trimesters because they need to have plenty of ultrasounds and test, according to the baby’s situation. Ultrasound is the most widely used method for the fetus position. It provides a cherished moment to the parents to see the baby moving and listen to his heartbeat.

Ultrasound creates sound waves, which cannot be heard; the frequency of these waves presents the image of the fetus and shows the flow of blood in the vessels and the functioning of other organs. When health care providers use this procedure cautiously, the radiations can put the body to develop genetic and biological changes.

Babies in the womb are more vulnerable than all humans. During the ultrasound, mother and the child get exposed to the radiations. The latter trimester is at higher risk with the radiations. Health organizations have linked these radiations with the health effects on the womb. Though, have access to the womb by tests and ultrasounds are now found essential, as these may also help to check the exact mental and physical growth of your baby.

It has been found that the electromagnetic radiations (EMR) can cause damage to the softer tissues and the brain of the fetus. Too much of exposure to the process of X- ray, and ultrasound may have serious effects on the baby. Ultrasound scanning may bring chances of miscarriage, infant mortality, spontaneous abortions– in some cases.

Using ultrasound scanning before birth may not necessarily prove to reduce any illness or save the life. It can heat the tissues of the fetus. In fact, this may lead to speech and learning problems after delivery. The unnecessary extended exposure to these radiations can increase the risk of unsafe energy level in the fetus.

Continuous waves are used in Doppler ultrasound method (a specialized scan) causing significant heating affecting baby’s brain. Doppler ultrasound can produce excessive heating. In many Doppler applications, increased time of the beam can lead to heating of sensory organs of the baby. Some thermal procedure can look easy and small, but, excess of anything can have effects disturbingly high.

Apart from the radiations mentioned above, other radiations around us are equally harmful in pregnancy, doctors suggest:-

  1. The distance from the T.V. should be minimum 5 foot.
  2. Avoid sitting near the rear side of the computer.
  3. The microwave should be used at the minimum levels while pregnant.
  4. Give exposure to satellite radiations- a break, if employed in the locations which are nearer to them.

Though, destroying effects from the ultrasound methods and radiations from other appliances is still unknown, but, mothers have to be aware and careful about the necessary and not-so necessary tests during pregnancy.