A daily challenge that we face these days is to make healthy food choices while managing our busy schedule. To help you I am here with some quick tips to adopt a healthy diet with no extra efforts.

Healthy Food Items For Kids

Home packed

  • Vegetable Sandwich (Low fat whole grain bread) – Brown bread combined with any vegetable makes a great combination that you will definitely love. You can prepare it with least efforts and quite a filling breakfast.
  • Paneer Sandwich – In the place of vegetable you can use paneer that will give you a delightful experience as well.
  • Vegetable Roll – In a hurry to leave for work? Make a roll with any vegetable and top it with some spices and sauce and a taste snack is ready.
  • Omelette – For all the egg lovers, omelette is most easy and tasty option. It contains highest quality of proteins which keeps you energetic all day.
  • Sprouts – Sprouts are healthier way to consume all pulses. To make it interesting mix it with some chopped onions and tomatoes.

healthy food choices

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Outdoor Food Choices

  • Sweet Corn (Unbuttered) – This is probably the tastiest and healthy food you will get. Sweet corn is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It also contains Vitamin B and Vitamin C and less sugar.
  • Fruit Salad – Taste and health in one dish. Fruit salad combines the nutrition of variety of fruits. It makes your digestion good and keeps you healthy. But be careful while consuming it outdoors, fruits should be fresh and should not kept for long after being chopped.
  • Vegetable Salad – Fresh vegetables when consumed raw are best source of vitamins and nutrition. Make it a habit to start your meal with a plate of chopped vegetables that will keep your digestion healthy.
  • Baked Potatoes and sweet potatoes – Instead of French fries and potato chips you must opt for baked potatoes or sweet potatoes. It is a healthier form to consume your favourite potatoes.
  • Popcorn (Unbuttered) – Popcorns are very light and one of the healthy snacks to have when you need a break. But make sure they must not be buttered.
  • Whole Wheat Pasta – Instead of cheese pasta, you must opt for whole wheat pasta that contains less carbohydrates and fats and is tasty at the same time.
  • Brown Rice – You feel guilty every time you eat rice? You don’t have to. Switch to brown rice. It will add to the nutritious value of your meal.


  • Butter Milk – Buttermilk made from low fat milk is very healthy and easily available. It must be at top in your list of beverages.
  • Fruit Juice – Fruits consumed in any form are good. Fruit juice must be consumed fresh and with no sugar added.
  • Coffee (Hot or Cold) – It is a great refresher for your mind and body while at work.
  • Coconut Juice (Fresh) – Fresh coconut fruit juice
  • Ice tea – Tea is a great antioxidant. Ice can be a good choice while ordering a beverage for you.

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