Menopause is a normal changeover of physical functions that begins between 40 – 50 years of age. It is the stage when a woman’s ovaries lose the reproductive function and the periods stop. The change in hormonal levels influences the menopausal stage.


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Estrogen, a collection of reproductive hormones, is produced by the ovaries and is associated with the production of egg in the womb till menopause happens. Estrogen controls the reproductive cycle of a woman. Before menopause, a woman’s womb can thicken and accept a fertilized egg anytime. The monthly periods occurs when a woman has no pregnancy and the lining of the womb is shed.

As the woman gets aged, estrogen production levels drop dramatically and gradual changes happen. These changes can take years to arrive at menopause and this time is called ‘peri- menopause.’ Many changes come along with this stage which may vary from different age group:-

  1. Hot flashes – During hot flashes, the body temperature may rise. The skin may look blotchy.
  2. Irregular periods– The bleeding can become more or less anytime, it brings breaks at irregular intervals;
  3. Changes in body weight– Women may gain or even lose weight when entering from one hormonal state to another;
  4. Mood changes– Some women complain about irritability, depression, anxiety suddenly rising high and even dropping anytime;
  5. Night sweats– Fluctuating estrogen levels and then its complex interactions can make you sweat and soak the beddings in the before reaching menopause;
  6. Disturbed sleep– Sleeping problems trouble when periods start their procedure of winding- up and the dizziness can concern all the time;
  7. Vaginal dryness– The decline in estrogen levels causes dryness in the vagina. Itching and irritation can also follow in this situation ;
  8. Cardiac palpitations– palpitations means extra heart beats or skipped beats or irregular heartbeat. The fatigue, insomnia, bloating headaches follow according to the intensity of heartbeat changes;
  9. Pains while intercourse– The vaginal dryness during this period causes pain while the intercourse;

Women become vulnerable to serious body problems during menopause and health threats bother every time but, some precautions and simple steps can cure the issues to certain extent:-

  1. If it’s still time you are thinking to give- up the smoking and drinking habits, then, do it as soon as possible. It may protect you from the heart and bones diseases in the remaining years.
  2. Yoga, improved diet, meditation can bring you back to the good moods and happiness. Give time to these ancient and powerful treatments and the anxiety, fatigue etc will not find the way in your daily life. Make sure that soy, apples, cherries, wheat, rice are great in menopausal years.
  3. Excessive caffeine can bring the body temperature to the increased level and can increase the risk of losing more sleep. Take the long awaited rest in your bed and stop the diet of caffeine related products, adopt green tea to maintain normal sleep patterns.
  4. Weight- training exercises and fiber- rich diets will put down the extra pounds when watching your model shaped body turning into the lose circumference. Create a healthy lifestyle forever.
  5. Following the decline of estrogen levels, vaginal dryness worries after the menopause also. Avoid the harsh soaps and body washes, which may aggravate the problem. Use hydrating soaps. Massaging the area with sesame oil will give extreme relief. Also, use fenugreek seeds and boil in water, keep it for cooling and drink this water once a day. These nature inspired treatments give relief from long lasting ailments.
  6. Some lubricants are available with the pharmacies which help in treating sexual troubles during and after the menopause. Also, hormone replacement therapy is commonly available with the doctors. This therapy will give relief from symptoms interfering in daily life.

The complete menopause is reached at the age of 50- 55 when periods, ovulation, pregnancy or fertility is stopped. Many clinical and medical measures will help in treating menopausal dilemmas, disorders, and troubles. It is only to opt for the safe and the best.