Your kid’s birthday party is something that is one of the most exciting events after becoming a mother. Now the most important things that you would need to remember is that there is a lot of planning that needs to be done on your part or else everything goes chaotic. However, no matter what, there are some common things that often do not work in kid’s party, read on to understand more and avoid doing these mistakes.

Things Don’t Work In Kids’ Party

Image credit goes to flickr jilblacktown

Following are some of the things that you should avoid as these are complete party poopers:

The Budget

It often happens that you may need to add something more to the menu or the budget goes overboard. This may increase the cost of the party. The best approach is that you should know or find out prior to arranging for a party what your options are. Is there a birthday organizer in your town, what should be the menu and what would the kids like to have in goody bag? These are some of the questions that would help you to organize things better.

Food Allergy

There are bound to be last minute chaos. Just when you are about to lay the table, you find that one of the mothers announces that their kid is gluten allergic, cannot have dairy products, is allergic to peanuts or is egg intolerant. It is better that you have a backup plan in such cases. The best that you can do is asking each invitee about the kind of food they would prefer. Often 1 out of 10 may need special food that is gluten-free, so this way at least you would not have to worry about food allergies or making too many adjustments. For the party menu, focus on the taste and variety and hygiene. But you can server junk food in the kid’s party because kids love them too much.

Goody Bags

Remember if you are arranging for return gifts or goody bags for kids at your party these should be well organized. Having different gifts would not work and lead to kids fighting over for gifts that will lead to chaos. What you should do is, try finding out first what is popular amongst kids when it comes to goody bags or return-gifts. Work out a plan that would include gifts for girls and gift for boys. You can gift some secret gifts (packed properly) which if opened before leaving the party, would not be with them (kids) anymore (Set this as the rule for the secret gift of the party). Like this, if gifts are different then there would not be any fight over it.

Age Gap

Make the list of guests to invite. Remember that you are not planning to invite any guest which doesn’t fit with the whole other group. Like the age group should be considered. Kids of different locality and different schools can mix up with each other very easily but most importantly they should be of same age group.

Unexpected Guest

Of course, you have already planned and sent out the invitations to all the possible friends at school or have carefully laid out the invitation list of friends who would be attending the party, but there is always the unexpected. Last minute addition to the guest list or sudden arrival of an unexpected guest is something that is unavoidable. So, instead of steaming it out or feeling fussy about it, the best approach is to welcome them. Ensure that you do not run out of supply from goody bags for each new addition.

The Winner Meltdown

Everyone wants to be a winner at whatever game they are playing. Often times the best game that kids engage in is musical chairs, however, if one wins others feel the meltdown of it. Of course, it is not easy to make everyone happy, but what you can do is arrange sweets that can be distributed at the end of the game as a consolation to those who did not win. Instead of handing out a winner’s trophy to the one who won, give them an extra candy or sweets.

Troublesome Parent

You will for sure have a parent who comes to the party and insists on staying over or there can be a couple of these. Now the challenge is to organize an instant mini party for them too. This often leads to stress, what you can do is arrange for quick snacks and tea for them and get them busy too with helping you in the party.

Uncontrollable Kids

There is always that one kid who would be a complete party pooper or a nightmare in the party. Often some kids react to sugar or sweets and get high on it. They become hyperactive and keep strutting around disturbing other kids too. The worst part is that you cannot tell them off as you do to your kid. So, what can be done is to engage that kid in some physical activity that may help you control them. Let them use their energy in arranging chairs for musical chairs for instance.


You would have to show a great involvement in the party otherwise things will never go as you want. Try to enjoy and manage the party, for this, you can seek some help from your partner or your friend.