These days every second person is calorie conscious. Weather due to diabetes or obesity, everyone wants to avoid sugar intake. One way we all find very easy to replace sugar with sugar substitutes. These days the advertisements are so attractive that they easily convince us so well that we can include these sugar substitutes in our daily diet without any side effects. But is it really true? Here I tried to answer of this question.

Sugar substitutes can be divided into four general categories:

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Sugar alcohols
  • Natural sweeteners
  • Dietary supplements

The topic of sugar substitutes has become confusing. The problem is that the terminology is often open to interpretation. For example, some manufacturers call their artificial sweeteners “natural” even though they’re processed, artificial and refined.

sugar substitutes

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For diabetes: The person who has diabetes can take artificial sugar as a sugar substitute as it doesn’t have carbohydrates and doesn’t increase blood sugar. But there are many health side effects that are visible to many people like indigestion, cough and itchy thought. In my opinion one should develop the taste to have tea, coffee or any other drink without sugar and sugar substitute. For better taste you can add cinnamon in your drink, it decreases the urge of sugar. In few days of time you will start enjoying your favorite drink like this too. As such as choosing best artificial sweetener is concerned you should always consult to your doctor before buying.

For weight loss: One of the major reasons of consuming artificial sugar is a desire of weight loss. Artificial sugar has no or very low calorie but on the other hand it is no nutritive too. Taking artificial sugar in place of regular sugar is very attractive for such people. Although people take artificial sugar to lose weigh but some research has suggested that consuming artificial sweeteners may be associated with increased weight.

There is no healthy artificial sweetener and thus it is hard to decide which one is the worst and which one is the best. If you are not diabetic and want to eat something sweet and not unhealthy you should go for some organic jaggery or unprocessed sugar or honey. These are natural and healthy options.

Stevia sugar is natural, has low side effects, no calory and very sweeter than sugar but at the same time be careful in choosing these products because these are stevia sugar in market which is processed and artificial sugar.

It is suggested that if you have insulin issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or obesity then you should avoid any kind of sweeteners including sugar, honey, jaggery, stevia and artificial sweeteners. If you have uncontrollable urge of having sugar then eat some fruit. Fruit is natural sweet and helpful in satisfying your sweet tooth. The other way is to try Turbo Tapping. It’s a clever use of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), specifically designed to resolve many aspects of an addiction in a concentrated period of time. No one should take these health issues (including overweight issue) lightly. These are very serious health problems which should not be avoided at any stage of life.