Parenting’ describes the care, the raising of a child which involves many phases that expect extra understanding and safety from parents. It’s obvious for first-time parents to feel annoyed and stressed with the responsibilities of growing up the baby. But, it is the most treasured responsible feeling for any human being.

Do you think being a mom is really tough job, Do you feel exhausted all the time, What to do when you feel exhausted as a mother

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Many times, parenting brings pressure, challenges, restrictions etc. They need to be handled on time and with sensible decisions. Let’s work out some important suggestions to handle parenting matters and situations wisely:-

  1. The first change you find out after your baby is born, that you lose the time to freak out, go for long vacations or even plan a romantic dinner with your partner. Keep in mind that life has to change after a certain period of time. Situations are never the same. When you will handle the tiny and delicate creation of God, you will start forgetting the world. Life does not come to a standstill that everything has ended. It is a new start with a new role. Parenting is itself a vacation which takes all your stress out.
  2. Be brave and say ‘No’ to commitments that may bother your child’s journey with you.
  3. To deal with stress, sleep is the best activity to upload. Doctors suggest sleeping for 7-8 hours in a day. Don’t hesitate in taking a nap with your toddler, and complete the work later on.
  4. Much of the stress comes from the thought of ‘taking motherhood as a job.’ Win yourself with the thought that ‘I love my baby.’ Leave the people who take the charge of deciding what is good and bad for your baby. Be very clear and practical. It’s never too late for being only a mother and nothing else. It is challenging to decide the best for your baby and work efficiently.
  5. It may come to you as a stress when you find the daily tasks getting unarranged. Give some time and in some days household work and baby’s work will get systemized. Make a list of morning tasks and evening tasks and a different list of baby’s feed & sleep schedule. The organized program will bring surprises.
  6. Take care of yourself If you love your baby then spend good quality time with him/her. Being overloaded and taking all the responsibilities of household only makes you stressful and this may cause yelling and gives you another stress of being a bad parent. So be organized, and hire domestic help if available and required.
  7. Earlier, especially in India, joint families had many children and the parents were not alone to handle the children. So, the upbringing was never so difficult. Now, in nuclear families, parents are alone and feel stressed in growing up a single child. It is not possible for all, but, grandparents can be very helpful in upbringing the child and sharing your stress. Spending time with grandparents is a support for parents and gives better ways to understand parenting.
  8. Watching untidy home is a regular sight for mothers. Let your home be a little untidy and do not get stressed up with cleaning all day. Guest will understand on their own that it’s a child’s home.
  9. Grocery and making food on time are also the important tasks a homemaker needs to finish on time. Now, many online grocery stores have provided the comfort in such situations. Spend some time on your desktop and order the household items, take a help for kitchen assignments.
  10. Make a group for new parents and plan Sunday outings with all the babies smiling with their new friends. You will find the stress vanishing when all the mothers will share different tips and experiences together.
  11. Explore meditation and Yoga; feeling stressed out is the ambition of Yoga. Equip yourself with exercises prescribed by an expert. Yoga brings calm and peace.
  12. Life partner is the biggest support for a mother, take his help and teach things that are easier and exciting for a father to do like taking the baby for an evening walk, training the baby to crawl and stand, teaching toddler to understand how to eat food without getting dirty etc.

The demands are never-ending and can bring a lot of stress to occupy us being perfect rather being a parent. Focus on your own intuitions and abilities in bringing up your delicate one and giving may not be the best but better education.