In the summer season one is prone to getting pimples. To keep away from this problem, here are some of the best home remedies you can follow to avoid pimples. A lot of peoples have the tendency of massaging their face with a cube of ice or cold water to remain pimples at bay in summer. You can try this easy trick or you can follow these home remedies to evade the skin problem. According to experts, pimples habitually pop up on the skin throughout summer due to excess heat in the body which is reason by the food we eat. The one more cause for pimples in summer is dehydration. Water assist to flush out toxins in the body, so while a good amount of water is not consumed; pimples start to pop up on the face. So, to evade pimples naturally in summer, here are a number of home remedies to follow.

Avoiding pimples obviously in the summer season can be dealt with if you pay attention to these kinds of the home remedies. Make a note of to practice these tips daily if you have 10 minutes to spare from your busy schedule.

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Coconut Water

Make it a routine to wash your face with coconut water at least once in a week. Washing your face with this usual sweet water will assist to add a blaze to your skin as well as also get rid of pimples. On the other hand, coconut water will diminish the black spots.

Rose Water

In summer, try to utilize cool home ingredients as well as remedies on your skin. Rose water can be arranged at home as well as utilized as a face wash to keep away from pimples naturally in summer.

Neem Water

In a bowl, add neem leaves as well as store it overnight. Wash your face with this water the next morning to evade naturally pimples naturally. The neem will also help to get rid of wrinkles on your face.

Copper Water

In summer it is finest to drink water that is stored in the copper water. You can also wash up your face with this water to evade pimples in summer. The water while stored for a long time in the vessel will assist to remove the pimple leaving behind no scar.


Water is a just right home remedy to avoid pimples. Wash up your face with clear cold water 3-4 times in the day. This will take away all the impurities on your face as well as add that special glow too.  These are a number of the best home remedies to utilize in summer while you are prone to getting those nasty looking pimples. Treat pimples in the right way as well as don’t pinch that zit, for it will leave behind a dark scar that will be tricky to get rid of. So why so late? Start from today and observe the changes.