Water forms almost 56-65% of human body. It is mostly in our cells, between the cells and in the blood. It is suggested that every human being should have at least 1.5 liters of water intake every day. This level of water consumption will help in hydration of our body and will prevent water loss. Water moves the nutrients to the cells, removes the waste acting as an agent for detoxification and maintains the body temperature.

Human body loses water every day through different functions of body like perspiration, urine and bowel movements. Hence, water intake should equal the amount you lose daily.

Signs That Show Your Body Needs More Water

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There are some situations when body demands more water than usual, these can be general signs and warning signs too:

  1. Waterless mouth: It is a regular site, when you get exhausted mouth becomes dry and feels dehydrated. Drinking soda or any soft drink is an easy option, but water is better as other drinks may steal the present water. Water has those essential minerals that help the vitamins to perform their functions in the body.
  2. Skin Dehydration: Skin shows signs of dehydration by dry patches, cracks, peeling, losing elasticity and roughness. Water will improve the texture of skin, makes it youthful and removes the dryness.
  3. Joints pain: Lack of nutrient flow in the joints makes them weak and less active. Water helps in flow of nutrition in blood and other body fluids to all organs in the body.
  4. Sickness routine: If you are getting ill in small intervals and, constantly feeling fatigued and not feeling healthy, then, it may mean toxins are piling up in the body. Lack of water restricts toxins to flush out. Water gives pace to the accumulated toxins to drive out.
  5. Hunger after food: Yes, it happens with many of us that even after eating food we feel hungry. Sufficient water absence shows mixed signs of hunger. Dehydration can cause constipation and disables the good digestion. Food and its nutrition can be metabolized by water only.
  6. Chronic cellular dehydration: It is a situation when long term water intake ignorance happens. Once, it reaches the height, body loses its ability to fight any disease causing attraction of different diseases and weakness and weight loss.
  7. Poor concentration: If you see memory loss in your child while studying, it may be the sign of less water consumption. It is a truth that our brain is made up of 80% water; hence, not drinking enough water everyday can shrink brain cells and brings the brain to think harder and weaker to memorize.
  8. Color of urine: This is the very first sign you may observe. If you find dark yellow urine flow, your body probably not finding enough water. If body becomes overloaded with toxins, it may affect the kidney and will make urination problematic. If not treated on time, can result in kidney failure. Less urination is also a sign of dehydration. These two points (color of urine and frequency of urination) are good ways to get to know about dehydration in small kids.
  9. Respiratory problems: Breathing problems occur when tissues of respiratory tracts get dry and lose the moistness that is provided by the mucus. Every cell in our body depends on water; decreased water supply can take the breath out.
  10. Few or no tears when crying: This is the way to know dehydration in kids. If a kid cries without tears or very less tears then he/she ma have dehydration and treat it immediately.

Rehydrate your body with correct water intake and make this body healthy and beautiful.