Recently I got a chance to go visit a preschool. It is a newly opened preschool. There, I was remembering the time when I was searching a good preschool for my daughter few years back. It is surly an important task for parents to find out a suitable preschool for their kids. So here I am sharing what I learnt about finding a suitable preschool. What should be the criteria…

  1. Basic facilities: Basic facilities like pick and drop facility, dealing with injured child, food and water etc should be there and properly working and following norms. These are some basic facilities which ever preschool should provide.
  2. Its feedback: Before finalizing a preschool get the feedback about it from the parents of the school kids. You can get some information from nearby people too.
  3. Safety: Some safety norms should also be followed like full CCTV coverage, good door stoppers. Full safety that no child can come out from the premises and no stranger can come into it.
  4. The way of teaching: The environment of the school should be happy. Kids should play all around freely and safely. Teachers should be polite and caring toward the kids. A teacher should be able to adapt to activities to be more or less challenging based on the needs of different children in the class. Children should have an opportunity to play outside every day.
  5. Timings: The school timings should be flexible according to our requirements. Schools work in shifts to provide flexibility to parents and kids.
  6. Fee: ever parent wants to give best to his/her child, but fee should also be a consideration. It should be fit in your budget.
  7. Location: The location of the school is important to your needs as a parent. Ideally it should be nearby at least one of the parent’s location. Even if you take pickups and drop-offs, nearby preschool have benefits at the time of some emergency.
  8. Trained and sufficient staff: The teacher student ratio should be good enough. A smaller number of children to adults in the classroom allows the teacher to spend more one-on-one time with students and provide personalized instruction. The teachers should be well trained and qualified.
  9. Classroom: The number of kids in a classroom should not be very high. Children have access to various activities throughout the day, so all the classrooms will full of various opportunities which are useful for improving motor skills, learning skills and brain development. The classroom should be decorated with children’s original artwork, their own writing with invented spelling, and stories dictated by children to teachers or with some numbers and alphabets and pictures.
  10. Clean & Hygienic: A good preschool is clean and Make sure the floors, walls, bathrooms and kitchen area are clean. Food preparations are good, hygienic and healthy. Toys are of good quality and clean too.
  11. The license: Last but not least, ask and check preschool’s license and credentials. It is necessary for taking admission in a good formal school later.

Now, sharing the things which I observed in Koco kids preschool.

They have the environment to Encourage children to discover through a happy, fun and unhurried atmosphere, they help to develop a love for learning. The classrooms are not regular, fixed classrooms where a child spends his entire day, the student moves from one class to another every half an hour. The classrooms are thematic and designed keeping in mind the various skills that the child will get trained in.

Considering the safety of kids, there all edges are rounded and sharp surfaces are foam padded. The premises have full CCTV camera coverage.

The flooring also has a small area in blackboard material where children are encouraged to lie down and draw, scribble and do whatever they want giving them freedom for creative expression at the same time sticking to rules that they cannot color outside the blackboard area.

play gym that spans across 1000 sq ft and has extremely specialized children’s equipment that is designed to boost physical fitness and hone larger motor skills.

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