Often for a majority of women aging and menopause go together. Many changes occur within the body during the time of menopause, wrinkles, weight gain, grey hair and aching joints. These are not just some symptoms that will go away or do not require attention; these are the side effects of menopause. These are the factors that remind you that your body is aging and that you need extra care and attention. While some women adapt to changes, others are not able to cope with it.

What is the Menopause Age

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Why menopause symptoms?

Menopause is the time when the body goes through many changes internally that are triggered by hormonal imbalances. The fluctuating phase of hormonal levels is what triggers physical symptoms. Additionally, the symptoms may last for years before the woman may actually have her final period. The symptoms may persist after menopause.

The key is to restore the hormonal balance that will rescue you from bothersome menopause. There are numerous options related to treatment with relation to menopause. However, through this article, you will be able to discover the effects of menopause.

Following are the side effects of menopause:

Weight Gain

Majority of women, it can be said at most 90% of women experience some amount of sudden weight gain during menopause. It is all due to the ovaries that began producing less estrogen during the time of transition and the body is trying to seek it from other sources. First are the fat cells that are responsible for producing estrogen. It is all to restore the balance, that the body attempts to seek it from other sources and converts calories into fat. Metabolism too slows down that adds upon yet another factor of weight gain. With this, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet.

Hair Loss

Due to drop in estrogen level coupled with stress women began losing hair rapidly. The process of recovering lost hair too slows down. With this, it is essential to stimulate hair growth and to find ways for reducing stress, also strengthen hair at the same time.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal tissues become thinner, less elastic and drier all due to the drop in estrogen levels. It leads to painful sex, itching, and irritation in the vagina. If one is to have sex after menopause then water-based lubricant should be used to reduce soreness and for avoiding pain.

Body Odor

Sweating increases during menopause this is the response of the body to hormonal symptoms that follow flashes and night sweats. Body odor at the same time increases as the body is not able to combat the changes. It is better to use natural fabrics like cotton and finding right deodorant for yourself.

Brittle Nails

Brittle nails are an indicator of nutrient deficiency or dehydration. During the time of menopause, this happens due to hormonal imbalance. This trouble can be alleviated through increasing hydration, wear gloves while washing dishes and through a good diet that includes biotin.

Bodily changes occur after menopause and these can be annoying too. Often women feel emotionally unbalanced too. It is essential that at this time it is necessary to find mans of keeping oneself engaged in activities, treating these symptoms and healthy diet.