It is again the time for vacations, but how many of you are able to enjoy it with your kids around? This especially goes for those who are not able to find activities for their kids. Another thing is that when you are not able to involve kids into something interesting as well as something that sharpens their mind then the only thing left for them are computer games. (Though I don’t find so much good in computer games.) Through this article you will get some ideas and some activities that will keep them fit in mind and body.

Things in which you can involve your kids to sharpen their brain in vacations

Sack Race in Pair

The traditional sack race is a solo competition; however paired sack race is something that is a bit different. Dividing kids into pair of two and getting them to reach the finish line with their partner would add a different flavor to it.

sack race memory and brain development game for kids

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Here is why, it is all about bonding, about creating team spirit and about letting your kids understand that they are in a co-dependent world. This will help them a lot when they are working in groups and in assignments where developing a higher understanding towards another is required. Emotional quotient would develop in such situations.

Jumping Rope

We all have played this game as a child; however, let’s add something more to it. Why not let the one jumping carry a cup of water while they jump. Other two players will twirl the rope while the one with the cup full water will jump. The condition is not to spill the water. The winner will be the one having saved his/her water from spilling or having most water left.

sack race memory and brain development game for kids

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Focus, concentration, and spatial functionality are the key words here. Our brain works better if we have three tasks at our hands as we are designed to handle more. Additionally, getting on with a good cardio is yet another benefit.

The Memory Game

Prepare a small trey full of random small items these can be 15-20 in numbers. It can be anything from safety pin, paper clip, a pendant, a button and many more things like these. Then ask the kids to have a look at these for at least 20 seconds and remove it from their eyesight. Then have them recall it and write these down.


The memory skills will sharpen, recalling power and their memory retention power will be put to test. This surely helps them with harnessing their mental faculties while engaging in a simple yet effective game play


Why not collect 5 facts about a movie, a game, famous songs and classic books. Then with these clues let your kids come up with the answer.


This way they will learn while playing, you can include facts from history and even geography. This will sharpen their brain and their power of analytical thinking will be called on full force.

Word Category

In this game you get to set the theme for the category on which the kids will come up with as many words as they can that mean the same. For example, ask the kids to list all the dog breeds that they know. List the words that mean huge and so on and so forth.


This while developing memory recall area of the brain will also help improve vocabulary of your child. Additionally, you can make the level from moderate to expert depending on the level of the participants.

With these games, your kids will sure enjoy their vacations, and the best part is that you need not spend extra as all the games involve items that are normally present in your house. So, best of luck and enjoy these games.