Constipation in infants develops due to numerous reasons this can include anything from change in diet, less fluid intake and some other reasons. No matter what, the situation is, important to deal with to ensure that your baby is able to get freedom from painful poop and it further does not develop into a chronic condition. However, often time due to growing concern it is easy for the mother and baby to feel the stress of the situation and opt for medicines forgetting that this situation can be dealt with some natural remedies too. Through this article you will understand what you need to do to and what should not be done.

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What to do in case of Infants and Toddlers?

  • Supplement their diet with natural fruit juices; these should include Pear, Apple or Prune juices that are freshly made. These juices pass through the intestines and are able to hold moisture that is enough to soften the poop. For your toddler you can use a measure of 2-4 ounces a day, one of the juices once a day. For older infants you can give 4-6 ounces. It is essential to remember that the juice should be home made, processed juices are not good for the stomach as they are high on sugar. Another thing to remember is that Prune juice contains unabsorbed sugars, so you can water it down a bit like 1:1 ounce of water and equal amount of water to it.
  • Fiber rich foods too are essential ingredients that you should include on the plate. If your infant is already on solid food then you should begin by using refined cereals. Including fruits and vegetables like peaches, peas, prunes, sweet potatoes, apricots, plums, beans and spinach or broccoli are good source of fiber.
  • Try switching the formula if you find out this as the major reason your baby is suffering with constipation. Thick formulas often contain rice cereal and often formulas contain higher casein all these contribute towards causing constipation. You can substitute a formula with iron or with some other ingredients in it.

What is not recommended?

Avoid giving dark corn syrup that was supposed to be infused with osmotics for treating constipation. These do not work due to the modern method of preparation of the syrup that is almost negligent.

Glycerin suppository or giving rectal stimulation is something that may work for short term thing. Avoid making it a habit if the problem persists and this sure means that you should take the advice of your clinician.

Laxatives and mineral oil are not good for young babies and thus, should be avoided at all costs.

Avoid giving applesauce, banana and carrot baby food as it contains tapioca that us a major cause for constipation. Another thing, in case of toddlers, dairy products may be causing constipation, for this reason, avoid giving milk, refined carbohydrates and even cheese.

Remember if the condition worsens, there is blood in stool, bowel moments become irregular or painful, swelling in abdomen or pain in the lower body then it immediately consult doctor. Let this not pass by just as something normal, proper diagnosis, medical help is required to handle it as it is a serious condition for your infant.