Pregnancy is the best time of life and the best thing to eve happen to a woman. Undoubtedly, the excitement and the anticipation of the baby coming into this world is something that only a mother can understand. However, there are other things to it that come along, like sleepless nights. It is something very common among pregnant women who experience insomnia during pregnancy. Not getting enough rest during that time may become a bit harder on you, but with the right remedies you will be able to fight it off.

Why insomnia?

Often the biggest factor that leads to pregnancy insomnia are the hormones, these like anything from giving you troubles like acne, constipation to other pregnancy ailments. Other things may be followed by frequent use of bathroom, waking up at odd hours, not being able to sleep during nights or trouble going back to sleep.

sleeping issue during pregnancy

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Another reason can be not feeling comfortable with your big belly, especially when you are used to sleep on your back or you are a tummy sleeper. It’s hard to find that sweet spot to sleep that would make you feel comfortable. Nonetheless, with given natural remedies you can get back to your normal routine quickly.

Easy Natural Remedies

  1. Scheduling your sleep would help you a lot. Setting the right time for going to bed and waking up at the same time each morning will help you a lot. Your bed routine will help you with getting back to your natural sleep pattern.
  2. Make yourself more comfortable, maybe you need a body support, a body pillow may help you by supporting you and comforting you.
  3. Getting out in the afternoon is good as it helps you get some exercise, fresh air and getting some Vitamin D. However, do protect your skin from sunburn.
  4. Blackstrap molasses is yet another thing that helps a lot. All you need to do is take ½ tsp of blackstrap molasses just before bed time and you are good to go. These are rich in calcium and iron that will help fight the deficiency that your body is going through.
  5. Chamomile tea is the best when it comes to banishing insomnia as it is the best herb that induces sleep. Make unsweetened chamomile tea by adding 1 tsp to hot boiling water and letting it steep. Drain it and drink when it cools off.
  6. Drinking warm milk is the age old remedy for any kind of insomnia unless you are lactose intolerant. It is a source of calcium that naturally helps in producing melatonin that induces sleep. To better it, add a pinch of nutmeg in it too.
  7. Do a slow breathing muscle relaxation technique- All you need to do is lie down and begin with relaxing each part of your body starting from your toes and ending on your head. Believe me by the time you are half way you will be already drowsy.
  8. Doing some stretching to improve your posture too can help. However, consult your specialist before indulging in any exercise or taking up any stretching routine.

These are some of the simplest and the most effective techniques that you can apply any time. You will find it helpful as soon you will be back to your normal sleeping routine.