Asked By: Riya Jaiyta De

Question: My 2 year old daughter doesn’t want to eat anything, even her favorite food. She likes sweets things but just take 1 or 2 spoons only. She does also not like the milk these days. This is why she is losing her weight. I am very worry. What to do?

Answer: At the age of 2 years toddlers generally reject their favorite food also. In this case you can do these things.

  1. Don’t overreact when she refuses any food.
  2. Eat the same food in front of her repeatedly. It increases the acceptance of child for that food.
  3. Don’t refuse any food offered to you in front of her. If you or somebody else rejects any food in front of her, then she also learns to do the same.
  4. Make meal time as story time, toddlers love stories.
  5. Keep her engage in her favorite toy or music or video while feeding.
  6. Also encourage self- eating.
  7. Offer her a verity of healthy food, she would certainly found something to eat from that.
  8. If you want to offer her a new food then feed her only 1 spoon when you found her very energetic and less chance to rejection, if she likes that, then feed it properly when she feels hungry.
  9. Every time don’t make special food for her; let her eat your food also.
  10. For milk you can give her milk products like cheese, butter, curd, shakes. Kids found flavored yogurt very tasty. Try to change milk variety, some kids like tetra pack milk rather than regular milk.
  11. Keep trying. Don’t give up.