Planning before Pregnancy

Planning before pregnancy is very important, because if you are healthy then only you can give birth a healthy child. Baby’s organs start to form before you know about your pregnancy, so it is very important to take care of your health before pregnancy.

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  1. Visit doctor for pre pregnancy checkup: Pre pregnancy checkup is required to avoid some complications before and during pregnancy, it is must. Doctor usually suggest some test to know whether your body is ready for pregnancy or not.
  2. Check your weight: If you are overweight, then reduce your weight first as you will get more and more weight during pregnancy or if you are underweight then try to gain because at the time of pregnancy your health condition related to weight should be balanced otherwise it can create complication.
  3. Money condition: Money is very crucial factor. Sometimes pregnancy needs some extra medical attention, for that money is required, so always have a backup of your extra money before pregnancy. If you have any medi-claim policy then it would be an added advantage for you. i would suggest to go for a reliable medi claim policy before planning for pregnancy.
  4. Job: Consider your job too. “Is your job very demanding or needs some physical work” ask these questions to yourself and try to solve it before pregnancy.
  5. Visit dentist: Visit your dentist before pregnancy is a good idea. You should try to have a thorough dental checkup and take care of dental health issues before you get pregnant.
  6. Start folic acid: Start folic acid before 2 months of your pregnancy planning, it is good for you and your baby.
  7. Regular exercise: Adopt a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and keep yourself fit.
  8. Healthy diet: Take healthy diet, to keep you healthy. Good nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices are important before and during pregnancy.
  9. Take care of mental health: Take care of your mental health also. To give birth a healthy baby, mother should be healthy mentally also, if she is stressed or tensed then it is not good for baby.
  10. Give-up alcohol, smoking, drugs:  Do not smoke and drink at the time of pregnancy. Any drug should not be taken without doctor’s prescription.
  1. You both Take a firm decision: Both to be parents should be prepared for upcoming baby. Having a baby is not a easy job; you need to be mentally prepared for it.
  2. Toss your birth control
  3. Consider your family health history: Either your history or your partner’s — increases the risk of having a child who has certain medical conditions or birth defects, consider your family health history and take advice from doctor too.
  4. Avoid infections and take care of your health: Live in a healthy environment and keep yourself away from any kind of infection.
  5. Consider your age: Try not to be late after 35. Age is an a important factor for pregnancy, so always keep in mind that pregnancy in right age has more chances to be a healthy baby and safe pregnancy.
  6. Have you been pregnant before?: Have you any elder child? If yes then he/she should also be prepared for a sibling. If you have any miscarriage before tell your doctor anout this.

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