Being a mother is the most wonderful feeling on earth and pregnancy is the beauty of motherhood. We try and try everything for the best of health of our baby, before and after delivery. Many moms are prepared for the changes in trimesters, but, many of the changes bring surprises and little uneasiness. Body modifications during pregnancy are normal. Hair, skin colour, acnes, melasma etc shows its signs gradually. Besides, nausea, fatigue, body parts changes, vomiting, hunger, morning sickness are common issues in early stage.

morning sickness suddenly stopped

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Moms require lot of guidance at each level of pregnancy from the gynecologist and the old generation as well. The first time mothers have many doubts about each symptom and even in absence of it. Morning sickness is one of them. We can make some of its concepts clear by following ways and facts:

  1. Morning sickness is medically known as “hyperemesis gravidarum” (which means too much vomiting during pregnancy).
  2. It often starts in first trimester and lasts till the third month of pregnancy. Some mothers experience till the fourth month and feel better with the progress of pregnancy. But, some may have to bear till their delivery.
  3. It is said that many mothers who have accomplished morning sickness in first pregnancy may also witness it in the second one. Though it is not always confirmed.
  4. About 9 out of 10 women suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum and show its signs as being tired and sick. It creates intense disliking against many foods and smells.
  5. At any time of day you may feel the urge to vomit or just get away from any smell you can’t resist.
  6. It is more common amongst mothers who earlier had travel sickness.
  7. Excessive vomiting doesn’t produce any risk for the baby, but, it does give rise to dehydration, dizziness and imbalance of electrolytes in the body which is cause of concern for the mother itself. Contact your specialist if :
      • You see blood in vomit
      • Repeated vomiting occurs
      • Have abdominal pain
      • Feeling weak or even faint kind of situation
      • Experience heart beat increasing
      • Extreme fatigue
  8. Causes for severe morning sickness are unknown, researchers say that it may be due to hormonal changes or sometimes it’s hereditary too.
  9. Disappearance of morning sickness is not a cause of worry, as doctors suggest, it starts with hormonal changes and ends with the same.
  10. It is not necessary that the discomfort will continue throughout your pregnancy, it is just a situation dependant on your hormones.
  11. It is a misconception that lack of morning sickness is a sign of miscarriage.
  12. Don’t over analyze about suddenly watching some symptoms vanished. The fluctuations are completely normal.
  13. Still, mothers to be can take some caution cum healthy measures like:
      • Drink plenty of fluids
      • Avoid eating too much at once
      • Eat protein and carbohydrates rich foods
      • Reduce intake of alcohol and coffee
      • Take sleep as much as you can
      • Avoid travelling
      • Take anti nausea medication advice from your gynecologist.
  14. If you have twins, then morning sickness can bring double care with it. No need to panic still, little more care will help to become capable of all the discomforts.

On a final note, it is the most amazing experience for a woman. Take it easy and see the beauty of life increasing in its own way.