Different facts, different issues and different views have made this subject sometimes to cause panic. But, in real, it is not always a matter of worry and fear.

Periods are the most reserved subject for girls that is hesitantly talked about. But, more the doubts are cleared more it eases the pain. Periods bring cramps, fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety at certain levels while back pain is accompanied. Lower back pain is an adamant situation occurring during many challenging phases in a woman’s life like during periods, pregnancy, after delivery. Let’s unveil some reasons for back pain issues in different stages:-

lower back pain

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Lower Back pain during Periods:

Lower back pain is almost unbearable for many women in periods. When the uterus contracts strongly in periods, oxygen supply in muscles becomes low and thus lower areas develop pain. Sometimes, when periods are about to start, thighs and back starts with the pain procedure due to the preparation made by uterus for the upcoming activity. This is totally normal and common. Stress in another cause for back pain.  Anxiety can decondition the muscles and thus pain in back is revealed. It is also seen in some cases, blood vessels enlarge and thus compressing nerves resulting in severe back pain. If the suffering gets worsen during periods, consult your specialist soon.

Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy:

Pregnancy time has many problems that show amazing experiences and complications too. Some common problems are vomiting, nausea, skin issues, back pain, dizziness etc. Pain in lower back is a continuing concern of nine months. Increasing weight puts the pressure on the spine and lower back becomes painful. Women try to adjust their postures in pregnancy and the changing postures cause back pain. Some hormones, during pregnancy, loosen the joints around the spine and cause pain in lower back which radiates from hips to legs. As the baby grows, you tend to lean backward and it becomes a habit if not looked after on time. Too much pressure on back increases the pain. Some women sleep on their back, which is not recommended in pregnancy as it slows down the blood circulation and can put the back pain to worsen. Women who have lazy tissues that ceases them to exercise properly, have a major role in causing pain. Pregnancy friendly yoga exercises can release you from suffering of back pain and other issues as well.

Lower Back Pain after Delivery:

Some women suffer the back pain trauma also after delivery. The new moms though have the experience of pain in back but, it is most difficult when you have the charming happiness in front that is interfered by the pain. For some, lower back pain after childbirth can be due to the loss of blood during delivery. Lack of exercise, proper nutrition enriched diet during pregnancy and careful medication can result in continuing back pain. Cesarean delivery also has adverse effects on the lower back. Doctors say that during cesarean delivery the upper layer of skin that is epidural becomes collected in spine, eventually leading to back pain. The insertion of anesthesia in spine is a major cause for the back suffering from childbirth. It is a reason that continues the pain and in some cases it is the lifetime trauma. Lack of calcium intake during pregnancy is also responsible for the severe pain after delivery. The posture for feeding the baby causes back pain continuously as mothers bend too much while feeding.

Though, all cases are not similar when it comes to periods, pregnancy and childbirth complications, but, some remedies may help while back pain is a trauma during any of the phases:

  1. During periods, cure your back pain by taking some herbal teas or taking support of hot water bottle.
  2. Keep yourself busy, it may include your favorite hobbies like watching TV, going for a drive and also playing with children.
  3. During pregnancy, take massage sessions, heat pads on your back, you can take ice pads too (consult doctor), do regularly the chosen yoga exercises according to your trimester.
  4. Practice the right posture for the growing baby and following the sitting and walking postures as well.
  5. Leave those high heels for a while, enjoy with flats and avoid the back pain issues.
  6. Don’t lift heavy objects even if necessary.
  7. Sleep on your side instead using straight posture for sleeping throughout the nine months. Chose a hard mattress.
  8. Wear a support belt in the correct location of abdomen.
  9. Take the best diet; you can, during pregnancy, enriched with lots of calcium and iron.
  10. After childbirth, back pain disrupts all the time that you want to spend with your little one. Take pills, recommended by the specialist, regularly.
  11. Continue with the diet that is essential for 2-3 months after delivery.
  12. Carry your baby with straight postures as far as possible.
  13. Don’t hesitate to have rest for at least 1 month; this will help you to relieve pain even after starting with work routine after 1 month.
  14. If the warning signs continue, consult doctor immediately.

Take the right steps always and continue the normal life routine forever.