Breast feeding is the best feeding as according to research it creates special bonding between the child and the mother. However, due to numerous reasons like lifestyle, health issues, lack of proper milk supply in the breast or some other issue would lead to a decision of bottle feeding the infant. No matter whatever the reason is if you are bottle feeding your infant then do it as it is your choice at the end of the day. If you are still having doubts of conflicts choosing bottle feed over breastfeeding, then read on to ease your nerves about it.

Issues due to which one chooses Bottle-feed for the Baby

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Even though breast feeding is what majority pediatricians recommend, there are many situations where one may need to choose to bottle feed. This may be due to numerous situations where it is not possible to breastfeed.

Milk Insufficiency

The majority of mothers are blessed with ample milk supply, however, some experience milk insufficiency. Situations like these often happen when the body is not able to produce milk sufficient for the baby. At least 5% mothers experience this.

Having More Infants

Mothers need to feed at least 8-12 times a day. However, the supply of milk might be outweighed if she has twins or if there are multiples of children. Not only in the case of twins, if she has two or more breastfeed children of different ages then there is a situation can arise where she needs to give bottle feed to any of the children.

Breast Augmentation

A woman who has gone through breast surgery or augmentation may face issues with breastfeeding and even with lactation.  With this condition powder or liquid formula then becomes the best alternative to breast milk.

Good for the Family

Now that you have chosen to bottle-feed your infant, it is the best opportunity that the whole family can pitch into help. Another good thing is that the whole family will be able to bond with the baby. Your partner too would be glad to bottle-feed the baby.

Your Personal Choice

Often mothers are encouraged to begin feeding within first few hours of delivery. If you choose not to, then let the midwife or the nurse know about your decision. Often hospitals have formula milk for the newborns. If it is not available then at this time you will need to be ready with a bottle. It is your choice after all to breast feed or bottle feed the baby. Not necessary that you follow the norm, do not be intimidated by what others have to neither say about it nor feel guilty or inadequate over your decision to bottle feed.

Depression due to Breastfeeding

Although it is something common, many do not realize it till it becomes serious. It is a physically challenging task. Feeding the right way and feeding numerous times of a day may take a toll on the mental health of the mother. Post Partum body faces a lot of challenges and often the mother is depressed. In conditions like these bottle feeding is the best choice.  Being a perfect mother not necessarily means that you breast feed your infant, it is more about what is good for you and your infant. A Happy mother is equal to the happy infant.

Combination Feedings

The truth is that as long as you keep breast feeding, your infant will stay attached to you. This can work till solid food is not introduced or needed by the infant. However, when the baby is ready for solid foods then you will need to make a decision to introduce combination feedings and the feeding schedules. Here using formula milk with breast feed becomes necessary to help the infant slowly wean off breast milk. Another thing is that combination feeding helps you to focus on yourself; it works best for working mothers. Additionally, with this, you will not be anxious about breastfeeding in public as your infant is ready for the bottle feed.


After 4-7 months when the teething occurs, often mothers find it uncomfortable to breast feed. Baby bites often hurt the nipples. At this time introducing the bottle feed is the best that you can do. If you are worried about formula feed then the best alternative is using breast pumps. This is convenient for the mother who is lactating as well as the infant is getting the feed of their mother.

After realizing that bottle feeding is not as much an issue, if you have decided to go ahead with it then it is a good choice. However, if you still dread answering the classic questions or remarks about bottle feeding vs. breastfeeding then here are some of the answers that will help you:

  • We haven’t yet decided about it.
  • I have my reasons for bottle feeding.
  • I am ensuring that my child is fed amply.