Kids love to watch TV. If you ask them to stop watching they will always deny it. Most of the people in the house are attracted towards TV which includes kids and grownups. Many parents use TV as an alternative to someone who can babysit them. Many parents also purchase educational DVD’s so that their children can gain something from what they are viewing. Everything has its pros and cons and TV also has some, so the question which arises is “Is watching TV good or bad for kids?”

Majority of people will say that watching TV has a bad effect on kids citing these issues:-

  • Children who are under the age of 2 won’t get any educational benefits from TV. As per some people, it takes some time from their daily routines in which they can play or interact with people.
  • The skills such as language, social skills or language are developed during the first two years of a kid’s life. Watching TV won’t give them enough time to participate in activities which will help them in developing these skills.
  • As per a recent research it was seen that kids who are prone to background TV noise in the houses have problem in giving attention to the sounds with background noise.
  • Kids who watch a lot of TV also find it difficult to give attention to teachers as they are familiar to fast paced graphics visuals on the TV.
  • Children going to school give less time to homework and prefer to complete their homework while they are watching cartoons. This will lead to less concentration.
  • Watching violent shows on TV can also lead to bullying of kids in school and can also affect the grades of your child.

is it good or bad for kids to watch TV, Advantages vs disadvantages of watching TV for Kids

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These were some of the disadvantages of TV, however there are some advantages too which are cited below:-

  • There are many TV shows which are specially developed for children so that they can learn something. TV shows are a proven much effective as compared to books for learning.
  • As per recent studies it was seen that the kids who watch educational and informative TV shows show better results in math tests and reading as compared to the ones who don’t watch it.
  • Kids who are watching educational and informative schools when they are preschoolers watch more TV shows which give educational information when they grow older.
  • Preschoolers who are actively watching informative and educational programmers get better grades and they are less aggressive as compared to the children who don’t watch educational and informative TV Programmes.
  • A study was done by the scientists of the University of Siena and as per this study, watching cartoons help in relieving stress.

Watching TV has both good and bad effects on kids, but if you use TV as a learning source for your children it will benefit them in a great way. Don’t let them sit for hours in front of it otherwise they will develop a habit of watching TV for hours each day.

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