Constipation is the most common problem of adult and kids nowadays. The credit goes to the modern lifestyle. People like to eat crap and sleep on irrelevant time. If you are facing constipation then surely you must be heard about a natural cure papaya. The question in your mind is “is Papaya good for constipation?” Well in this article, you will get your answer. I am going to tell you about the benefits of Papaya in constipation. To better understand it first let’s see the causes of constipation.

What Causes Constipation?

Constipation occurs when the colon absorbs too much water processing the food. Colon is responsible for absorbing nutrients and extra water from the digested food. When there is a lack of fiber and water in the digested food fecal becomes hard. The hard fecal creates a contraction in muscles during the movement from the colon to the rectum. This is why you face pain during the bowel movement.

papaya in constipation

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Most people face constipation due to their unhealthy lifestyle. A diet which is low in fiber and water is the main reason of constipation. Fiber makes your fecal soft and helps the movement with easiness. Also when you consume less water, the colon absorbs it all and makes the waste hard. However, some people face constipation due to hormonal disturbance, depression, stress, consuming pain killers, antacids, and iron supplement. Still, the most common cause of constipation is the eating habit.

Is Papaya Good for Constipation?

When we talk about natural cures of constipation there is no better alternative than Papaya. It works like a magic in constipation. Papaya is a rich source of vitamins C, A, B-9, K, and E. These vitamins especially C helps to add digestion. Papaya contains a natural compound papain that helps your stomach to digest the protein.

Partially digested protein is also a big reason of constipation. It has been seen that green unripe papaya contains more papain than ripe papaya. Further to relieve the constipation it contains enough amount of insoluble fiber. Fiber bulks up the fecal so that it easily passes through muscles between the colon to the rectum.

How to Eat Papaya to Relieve Constipation?

As we have discussed the benefits of unripe green papaya and ripe papaya. I advise you to include both in your diet. Green papaya can be included in salad and ripe papaya can be eaten after the food. If you are pregnant you must be cautious eating unripe papaya. It can induce labor.

Papaya juice can also be taken it will add extra water but the juice eliminates a big part of the insoluble fiber. To take all the fibers just blend the food without removing anything. It will be difficult to drink but can be managed to avoid constipation.

Extra Tips to Avoid Constipation

Keep consuming Papaya and add pineapple in your diet. Eating papaya with pineapple increases its digestive properties. Other tips to avoid constipation are including foods that are the rich source of fiber like green leafy vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of water through the whole day. Start drinking 2-3 glass of water just after waking up. Avoid eating junk foods and drink less tea, coffee. Try to sleep at a particular time. Following a healthy lifestyle eliminates the risk of constipation.


Papaya is a rich source of fiber and vitamins that adds digestion and helps in bowel movement. You can see its benefits from the day one, but you should keep using it to get long time results. Including other fiber-rich foods in your diet also helps to quickly recover from the condition. An unhealthy lifestyle is the common cause of constipation. So, it is good for you to adapt a healthy lifestyle by eating organic food and sleeping on particular time.