First time parents usually wants to know that pacifiers are good or bad for their babies. Pacifier has its own pros cons. It is up to you that whether you want to give it or not. Every baby is different, so judge your baby needs then decide about the pacifiers.

Benefits of using Pacifiers

  1. Reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  2. Helps the oral airway open by pushing the tongue forward.
  3. Soothes the fussy baby.
  4. Becomes temporary distraction like at the time of blood test.
  5. Helps the baby to fall asleep.
  6. Easy to get rid of, in comparison of thumb sucking habit.


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Dis-advantage of using Pacifier

  1. Can interfere in breastfeeding. The pacifier should be introduced at least after a month of child birth because within a month breastfeeding would be well established and not got affected by the pacifier.
  2. Associated with risk of ear infection.
  3. Can affect child’s teeth if used improperly. Prolonged use of pacifier might cause a child’s top front teeth to slant outward or not come in properly.
  4. Baby might become dependent on the pacifier to sleep.

As you can see that Pacifier have lots of benefits but at the same time it has lots of dis-advantages also; now its depend upon you how wisely you want to make use of it. Kindly share your own experience with Pacifier, we love to hear from you.