Question: Can both the parents sleep before the baby?

Answer: Yeah it is absolutely ok to sleep before your child in night, if your baby is safe while you are sleeping.  In fact co sleeping is good for the baby. With co sleeping baby gets breastfeeding, security etc like benefits. Follow a fix schedule for baby sleeping; this would make sleep the baby easily. This is the best thing that your baby sleeps in a cot next to your bed. Like this baby gets all the benefits of co sleeping and have lower risk of SIDS. If you are parents of two children, then be sure that both are no awaked while you are sleeping.

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Image Credit Flickr By Chris Annable

You should consider few points when you are sleeping before the baby like

  1. Baby should be in safe condition.
  2. Baby should not be hungry.
  3. It should be baby’s sleeping time according to his/her time schedule.
  4. Baby should be comfortable in all means.
  5. Switch off TV and such other distractions.
  6. Baby is wearing fresh diaper.
  7. Baby is not having any health problem like temperature, cough etc.
  8. For younger babies you need to feed them more frequently.
  9. Don’t make it your habit to sleep before your baby.
  10. Take care of the baby during night.