Organizing a birthday party is often stressful even for a well-organized parent. There are a lot of details that need to be worked out before the big day arrives. Everything needs to be in place right from the theme to the menu and the guest list invites to make the birthday bash a complete success. So, why not get some ideas that will help you organize one effortlessly that too with all the details worked out properly.

How to Organize A Fun Birthday Party

What Kind of Party?

First, you need to decide the basics and understand what and where the party is going to be? Is it going to be an in-house party or an outdoor party? Are you hosting the party yourself or are you hiring someone to do it for you?

After deciding the place the next step is to decide for the number of guests. Preparing a guest list in advance that will help you understand how much food needs to be organized. You can send over e-invites to the grownups party while for kids it is essential that you create handmade invites that can be decorated with pictures, colors, the theme of the party, cartoon character, pop-ups and so on.

The decorations are the third step that you will need to decide.

Deciding for games or fun activities is something that is essential to make it an enjoyable event for all. For young children fun games will work while for grownups you may want to organize a theme party that will be thrilling for them.

How long will the party be? It is important to know that children can only enjoy as much as 90 minutes. They need to nap at the right time as school-age parties cannot go longer than that. For grownups, it can last as long as 3-4 hours.


Following are some of the themes for Kids birthday parties that you can include:

Art/Craft Parties- You can get craft supplies and home craft kits for kids. This will help engage kids in something creative and it will bring out their creativity. It is all about letting the kids do something that they will love as a fun activity.

Cooking Parties- It can be a fireless cooking that can involve making simple sandwiches, decorating cupcakes, making fruit salad, baking a cake, milkshakes, smoothies, crackers and biscuit cakes.

Live Animal Parties or Petting Zoo- Kids will love petting animals if you can arrange for a zoo in your yard. However, you will need to be sure about allergies and check for preference and safety issues first.

Storybook/dress up parties- Who doesn’t like to dress up as fairy tale characters or characters from popular stories, they can even dress up as prince and princesses. You can arrange for crowns, wands, tiaras, and capes for all. Arrange for Polaroid for souvenirs.

Tea Parties- If your party invites are young kids then they will enjoy teddy bear tea party. This especially goes for girls, it can be a classic tea party, a dress-up tea party or a themed tea party like Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Piñata- Who would not like to whack a horse just to get candies falling out of it? Kids enjoy it as they get to have fun out of striking the piñata and then rush to get the candies that fall out of it. Ensure that it is completely filled with candies, is hung on a safe distance, is of medium-high so kids can reach it, supervise the kids so they do not harm anyone or hurt anyone while striking it.


Theme Party- The latest theme is that of Game of Thrones and who would not love to dress up as different characters from the popular TV series. Everyone will enjoy dressing up as their favorite character. You as a host can provide for drinks themed on the program named after different characters and decorate your home like a castle.

Scavenger Hunt- Plant clues in your backyard and let the guests follow the trail. Keep them guessing by hiding clues that are designed like puzzles or riddles that they need to solve. Not only this will raise their IQ but also make it fun when they discover that they get a gift at the end of the trail.

Photo Booth- Set up a photo booth that will have different background themes, like that 70’s, scientific theme, a theme of kings and queens and so on. You will need to set up different backgrounds and provide the necessary clothes or props to make it realistic for the picture.

Fun Card Games- Prepare cards with different activities and ask the guests to pick one card each. Add a twist by spinning the bottle. The one with the mouth of the bottle pointed towards them will pick out the card, read it aloud and do the activity that is mentioned in it. You can add some crazy activities that will be funny and make it enjoyable for all.


  • For kids, you can any day organize pizza, fruit punch, cupcakes, and sandwiches, but remember to find out about allergies in advance.
  • For grownups, you can try different mocktails, punch bowl with the different mix of ingredients, finger food, sash-licks, grilled food, snack bites, pies and so on.