Skin is the soft outer tissue. Our human skin has seven layers in which outer layer are affected the most from the weather. In everyday life, skin is exposed to dust, pollution, germs, UV rays etc. Hence, skin requires extra care in all seasons and inside – outside the home as well. A healthy skin reflects the overall health of the person. In summer, skin needs not only care but, protection also.

how to keep skin moisturized this summer

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Some of the tips may help in looking after the skin in scorching summers:-

The first suggestion coming towards skin care is to keep it clean. Skin needs to be exfoliated properly with the suitable scrubs or face wash. If a skin is not cleaned enough, it is natural to find your skin dull and dry. Without exfoliating, the dead skin cells will pile up inside the skin and will become into stubborn acnes.

Sun’s harmful rays for skin can bring skin damage and premature aging. During summers, the body loses a lot of water and hence, resulting in dehydration and dryness. It affects the skin as well. Lack of sufficient water in the body is visible on the skin when skin looks dry and exhausted. To keep skin hydrated, you don’t need to splash water all day, instead, drink plenty of water. Hydration on skin gives a moisturized glow to any skin. Facing the sun when the heat is on its peak like between 10 am to 3 pm in the afternoon, will take away the moisture and radiance. It is better to stay inside during the sunniest days. The key formula is, in summers, when your shadow is longer that you then it is not a good time to go out. If it is unavoidable, apply the best sunscreen, according to your skin. Avoid moisturizer, if the skin is too oily, there are plenty of cosmetic options for oily skin in the sun. A correct moisturizer locks up the water molecules in the skin. Choose the right moisturizer, instead of regular makeup cosmetic routine which you adopted in winters. Make-up in summers and especially under the sun may give adverse effects on the skin.

Toner brings back the lost glow and moisture. After cleansing properly, go for a toner with rose water, lemon juice, green tea, honey or mint. These ingredients make the best toner for skin in summers and not leaving the skin dry at all. Toners also help in enhancing the overall complexion. Do not use different types of moisturizers, scrubs, cleansers etc. This will give the skin inferior appearance. Stick to the one that has proved better results on your skin. Gradually, you will have moisturized and glowing layers of skin.

Fluctuation in the skin due to puberty, pregnancy and other conditions is normal. It may take a time to be normal and produce a permanent change. But, in all changing situations, prevention in summers is entirely essential. Give your skin best of care.

Vitamin C, amino acids, blueberries and many other nutritional ingredients have antioxidant properties, preventing skin in summers from dust and pollution. Summer fruits like watermelon, berries, and grapes are water-enriched and give lots of hydration. Put a diet loaded with fruits and salads that prove a blessing for your skin in summers. Diet has to be nutritious enough to give blood flow a boost and accordingly a healthy skin develops.

Last but not the least, embrace a tight schedule of exercise and yoga and the skin will fight away all the disorders itself. Stay cool, eat fresh and healthy skin will follow.