Hair is the most looked after portion in a woman’s body. Women take care of hair with the essential products and treatments. The reason is that after the facial beauty it is the hair that brings the best of personality according to time, age and occasions. Hair gives the opportunity to describe your charm and facial identity in various ways and styles.

how to keep hair healthy in winter

Hair needs care like rest of the body. Like the other organs, hairs also become prone to lack of nutrition. The seasons, diet, change of water attack hair health and give rise to some issues that can bring the daily hairstyles to a pause.

Winter season brings fresh and chilly weather. Spanning from December to March, this season has its advantages and disadvantages too. The arrival delivers extra care from the cool atmosphere. Hair needs much more care in winters than in summers. Several concerns with hair in this season are:-

  1. The dropping moisture levels in the air put the hair to get dried and weak.
  2. As the temperature drops, hair appears damaged and lifeless.
  3. The harsh winds outside and the heating indoors make the hair cuticles weak.
  4. The dryness in winters affects the scalp and flakes come out when you comb the hair.
  5. A habit of using more hair dryer in winters can trigger the breakage to hair.
  6. The dryness causes the scalp to get prone to dandruff.
  7. The jackets with collars and the scarves make the hair on the cervix disordered and knotted.
  8. Hats in winters can absorb the moisture from the scalp and transfer more dryness.
  9. Hair becomes static with lack of moisture. The hot water shampooing gives them a frizzy look all day.
  10. Over styling of hair with hair equipments cause more struggle with hair. This put the hair into a messy situation.

Keeping hair healthy is not so burdensome in other seasons as in winters. But, making some wise steps forward for hair care routine is never far away:-

  1. Hair fall follows the dryness of hair that occurs mostly in winters. The lack of moisture can be improved with the olive oil and almond oil massage. Rubbing more and more oil in the scalp deeply will remove the dryness and will protect the hair from getting frizzy and look damaged. Oil will affect more if used in a warmer form. The hot oil treatment will encourage the new hair to grow faster.
  2. Cut out the habit of washing hair daily. In winters, too much shampooing can take away the natural oil from hair. Instead, plan a weekly shampoo routine with warm water and not hot water. Also, pick a different shampoo for winters. The shampoos with essential oils like avocado, coconut, argan oil etc. These will avoid any further drying in the chilly season.
  3. Cover your hair with shower cap or warm towel and leave for 30 minutes. This after shampooing tip will help the steam to hydrate hair and absorb the ingredients of your shampoo.
  4. Scarves, hoodies, and sweaters can make the smoothest of hair become tangled. Not only the shampoos but, the combs also need a change in winters. Use comb which has the boar and plastic bristles.
  5. Avoid too much of blow drying even if you have long hair. The split ends rise when hairs are blow-dried more than needed. Squeeze the extra water after hair wash. The split ends can be treated with honey and milk massage in hair. Also, a manageable haircut reduces the mess and the split ends too. Hair becomes healthy and long when split ends are treated on time.
  6. Winters bring less often water intake. Keeping the skin hydrated in winters is most important. The healthy hair follows when hydration is correct.
  7. The diet rich in protein and omega 3-6 will nourish hair and provide the inside treatment for winters.

Enjoy the cool weather with your shining and healthy hair.