Expecting with Twins: A different but, a double addition brings happiness in double. Experiencing parenthood with the identicals has dual responsibilities. Sometimes, overloading with the thought of twins can make your parenting world more difficult to handle.

How to handle twins

Parents do find this painful to divide their love and affection between two, still, the stress can be relieved with some useful tips:-

  1. It is normal to feel physically exhausted while working on double modes. A mother of twins may even react like ‘running away’ from home when attacked by the stressful parenting situations. You need to stay calm and think about the pregnancy days when the two were giving you the best feeling of the world.
  2. Sometimes, if the efforts get unappreciated resulting in too many fights and quarrels- sit and talk about this with your partner. Raising twins should not put a ban on the important conversations.
  3. The twins need to feed one after the other or even together. You may have to stay at home for a year. Have a good stock of bottles and breast pumps. Though, it is very difficult, but, amazing if you can put these timeless memories with efforts and love.
  4. Fathers feel the most ignored when the mother becomes busy with her loved ones. It can be visible in different forms like jealousy, unhelpfulness, being silent, showing burdened etc. We all know it is not a choice but, a requirement after being a mother. Take your time, it takes few months for the fathers to realize and understand the position when you start being the parent. Try to enjoy the parenthood together, sharing the time to handle one- by- one. The sinking energy- levels can be sorted out when you are ready and find out the ways to work side- by- side.
  5. Carry the sleep routines with them, the twins need to take the nap at the same time, otherwise, the mother will be up for 24 hours. Create an entire bedtime method.
  6. It is very hard when twins cry and indicate their demands at the same time. Don’t feel harsh when you have to just let them cry. Try to put them on hold by putting on a baby song or giving one the moving toys while you cope up with the other.
  7. The older relatives are always a faithful and great help. So, if you need to take one to the doctor, grandma will see the other one with equal care and affection. The grandparents love to put their affection forward.
  8. Don’t feel shy when you want to take your twins outside. People do stare at twins, but, it’s fun. It is good to be out of the way with attracting the attention of all the people around like if they are saying “You are doing great.”
  9. It is also advised to choose the twin shopping rules for avoiding the hassles amongst the kids. Go for the same toys, same dresses or at least the color, same accessories, same food items. Till they grow up and create different choices, parents need to put them together in all the things. There are some places where special discounts are given for twins, enjoy and invest and watch for more.
  10. Avoid any kind of comparisons while they grow –up. When starting with verbal activities, you may see one is learning fast and the other not showing any response. Don’t worry; they may not necessarily develop at the same pace. It’s the parents’ responsibility to balance the learning process with wise and accurate arrangements.
  11. Neglect, if single child parents show spending on the single child unnecessarily. You have to show the intelligence that belongs to proud twin parenthood.
  12. With each passing day, parents find different demands coming in front and perpetually feel giving up. Talk to your elders, to consultants, to twin parents- you may find not only the solutions but, also ideas to bring-up your twins with ease and warmth.