Breastfeeding is probably the most relevant part of being a mother and the reason why some nursing mothers give up on feeding their little ones is because they feel that they are not able to produce enough milk to feed their baby. Getting low on the supply of milk during any stage of breastfeeding is very common and it can be a little distressing for all mothers. When you baby starts feeding, the tiny nerves in your breasts are automatically stimulated. This causes the release of hormones such as Prolactin which is known for activating the milk- making tissues in your breasts. Similarly, the Oxytocin hormone causes the breasts to let down the supply of milk by pushing it outwards.

However, there are ways using which you can increase the milk supply during breastfeeding. Also remember that breastfeeding follows the rule of DEMAND= SUPPLY! Follow the post below for some important do’s as well as don’ts related to getting more milk supply during breastfeeding.

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Do’s and Don’ts of getting more milk supply during breastfeeding

  • DO feed your baby more often

Feeding your baby more frequently, say after every 2- 3 hours, can help in increasing the supply of milk to a very large extent. Depending on the fact that, whether your baby is correctly attached to you or not, you can always increase the supply of milk by feeding them more often.

  • DO NOT switch from one breast to another frequently

This is kind of the golden rule of breastfeeding. Never switch your feeding baby from one breast to another before the first breast runs out of milk. It may take some 20 minutes or so for your baby to finish one breast. The key is to let your baby decide the length of the feed.

  • DO try massaging your breasts

If you feel that your breasts are not producing the required amount of milk for your baby, then you can try massaging your breasts from the sides towards the nipples. Also, take care not to disturb your feeding baby while doing so.

  • DO NOT depend on longer feeds

Remember that your little baby is wired in such a way that he can himself decide the duration of his feeds. Never push your baby to feed for longer period of time just because you think that he is not full. Babies tend to take breaks in between feeds and you may just want to top them up a little more a few minutes after they have finished. Based on whether your baby is taking the feed this second time, you will know if he is still hungry or not.

  • DO remember to avoid all distractions

Breastfeeding is important for you and your baby; hence let go off all distractions like the TV, phone, etc. when you sit down to feed your baby. Just relaxing and giving your baby enough time can also help in producing more milk.

  • DO NOT avoid your diet

One of the crucial factors which decides the quality and quantity of your milk is what you eat. Be careful not to indulge in aerated drinks, junk food and alcohol during breastfeeding. Eat food that is rich in proteins and vitamins to ensure good supply of milk for your baby.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and just concentrating on the basics can help you in increasing the supply of milk during breastfeeding.

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