Pregnancy is a stage that changes your life and health forever. It is an unbelievable journey for a woman which showcases many such chapters that are most beautiful and graceful for a mother.

Pregnancy is a week by week tour. The health and its precautions change by month. It’s true that many regular procedures of sleep, diet, work is affected in pregnancy, but, it’s better to ease and adjust according to doctor’s advice and some traditional and effective tips. Sleeping is most targeted state. Sleeping is a vital state in life and for body which has to be reached on time and in right amount.

How To Fall Asleep Naturally During Pregnancy

Image Credit Flickr By SharonaGott

In the first trimester, you may have to face sleeping challenges like going to washroom frequently disrupts sleep, it may bring some emotional distress also, and daytime sleeping reduces sleep at night. Some tips will help naturally ‘the would be mothers’ to reduce sleeping hassles:-

  1. It is difficult to spend your night without getting up in between in the first trimester as the pressure on bladder will compel you to empty on time. The expanding uterus will modify the sleeping patterns and the associated back pain may increase the sleep disturbances. But, these challenges will help you to get prepared for further demands. So, don’t feel exhausted psychologically at all, take this as a beautiful beginning.
  2. Try to be sleep punctual for example, continue your schedule of waking up and going to sleep on same time every day.
  3. It is essential to have adequate amount of water in pregnancy, but, avoid water intake just before two hours of sleeping.
  4. Relax with yoga exercises. Yoga helps you to battle with mood swings, painful leg cramps, sleeping problems. It is a spiritual note going deep into your soul and hence, improving baby’s brain, mother’s sleep, diet, health & helping you stay calm throughout the journey. Make sure that the exercises should be followed only after the gynecologist’s advice. Utmost caution is important.
  5. Drinking warm milk before sleep is a dependable suggestion. It works at all the stages.
  6. If you have heartburn problem, take a pillow to raise your head. It is soothing in pregnancy and plays vital role in heartburn issues.
  7. Placing body pillows between legs is a remedy to give comfort from pain while sleep.
  8. Avoid caffeine and the related products as they may make you pee. Extra dairy products will also annoy at night sleep.
  9. Shift the clock from room to any other place as the tick tock sound contributes to the uneasiness during sleep.
  10. Essential oils have fragrances that sooth mind providing the required sleep without any stress.
  11. Herbal tea are available at all stores, they have no side effects and prove effective during pregnancy.
  12. Mattress has useful responses towards sleep problems. The uncomfortable back in all trimesters can be solved by placing good and the prescribed mattress.
  13. Staying active is a secret to ease out the sleep troubles. Energetic body will avoid any miserable issues.
  14. Though, there are many herbal and natural medications are easily available, but, they are not regulated by FDA. Hence, be wise before starting anything new or unknown.

Enjoy sleep with your baby, the most amazing feeling which can ever be felt again.