If you are pregnant then you must be tempted to hear the heartbeat of your unborn baby. The device used by the doctor to listen or monitor the heartbeat of your baby is called Doppler. This device sends ultrasounds waves to catch the small tiny movement of the baby in the womb. Then these movements are converted into the rhythmic heartbeat sound you listen during the test.

If you are planning to get that device and hear the heartbeat of the baby at home then you should know that it is not that much easy as it seems.

baby heartbeat monitoring device

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How a Baby Heartbeat Monitor Device Works?

The Doppler device sends ultrasounds waves into the womb, this sound wave passes through skin and reach to the womb. When something moves inside, it reverts back and the Doppler device catches and converts it into the sound. Well, inside the womb it is not only the baby’s heart that moves. All the movement including baby’s hiccups, kicks, and even your blood passing the nerve are converted into the sound. It needs proper practice and patience to identify the sound of your baby’s heart.

Is it Safe to Use Baby Heartbeat Monitor Device at Home?

According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the effect of using Doppler device repeatedly is unknown inside the womb. As it is said that the ultrasound waves heat’s the skin tissues and it is also seen that it produces small bubbles inside the tissue in some cases. So it is recommended that you don’t use this device at home unless it is critical and important. You also need to take the proper training to operate such device. Only the medical practitioner are enough experienced to use such complex device. In some critical situations, your doctor can recommend it and can train you to operate the Doppler device.

Although there is no need to use the heartbeat monitoring devices at home, but in some situations it becomes important and your doctor can recommend you to use a monitoring device at home. Especially in high-risk pregnancy, it becomes important to regularly monitor the fetal heartbeat. Here is such a device that makes this task easy.

Womb Music – Baby Heartbeat Monitoring Device

baby heartbeat monitor

Womb Music is sound amplification device used to monitor the movement of the baby inside the womb. This is a simple handheld device that can be easily used at home. This device helps you to track the movement like baby’s kicks, hiccups, and heartbeat.

It comes with 9-volt battery and two earbuds to hear the baby sound. You can also record it on your computer and can listen to it later. This device works in ideal condition when used after the 16th week of pregnancy.

It is recommended to use a gel or some lubrication to avoid the static sound while moving the device around the belly. If you do have a question that using Womb Music Unborn Baby heartbeat monitor is safe or not?  Then you should know that the device is approved by the FDA to use at home. Still, it does not replace the need of medical practitioner check-up.

It is an effective device to listen the movement still the makers warns that the device cannot be used for medical purpose.

If you want to listen and record your unborn baby movement and want to hear it later then Womb Music is a great device for you.