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Homemade Pregnancy Test with sugar at home-Negative Result

Homemade Pregnancy Test with sugar at home-Negative Result

Why Women use Homemade Pregnancy Test?

Before proceeding with the ‘Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar’ it is good to know why and when one should go with homemade pregnancy test.

Pregnancy is something that comes with excitement, curiosity and sometime with shock (especially when you don’t want pregnancy). There are situations when you missed your periods for 1-2 days and you had unprotected sex in last couple of weeks. You are much stressed and want to make check whether you are pregnant or not but you don’t have ‘Pregnancy Test Kit’ available with you.

In such scenario you can test your pregnancy status using ‘Homemade Pregnancy Test’. One of the best parts of homemade pregnancy test is- it usually requires those ingredients that are available in your home.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar

There are various ways to test your pregnancy using homemade pregnancy test kits e.g. ‘Homemade Pregnancy Test with Bleach’ or ‘Homemade Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste’. Today we are going to share how you can test your pregnancy at an early stage using ‘Homemade pregnancy test using sugar & urine’.

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What you need for Pregnancy Test with Sugar at home?

  • One Bowl (you can use disposable bowl for it).
  • 2-3 table spoon sugar
  • Early Morning Urine Sample

How to do Homemade Pregnancy test with Sugar at Home?

Like other homemade pregnancy test, this pregnancy test is also simple in process. Take 2-3 spoon of sugar into a disposable bowl and then pee on it (use early morning first urine for test).

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar – Positive Result sign – If the sugar clumps up then it is positive sign and it indicates that you are pregnant.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar – Negative Result sign – If the sugar dissolves into your urine then test result is negative and you are not pregnant.

What is the best time for Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar?

All the pregnancy test (homemade or professional pregnancy test kit) checks the HCG level in your urine. HCG is a hormone that found in urine and body produce it in more quantity during pregnancy. HCG level is high in the early morning urine so to get best result from any homemade or profession pregnancy test kit you should perform the test with early morning first urine.

How accurate the result of Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar?

No pregnancy test is 100% accurate, not even profession pregnancy test kit results. Result depends upon when and how you have performed the test.

In case of ‘Homemade Pregnancy Tests’ there is no research data available as medical science don’t believe on homemade pregnancy tests. So it is always suggested that after performing homemade pregnancy test you should consult your doctor to make sure about your pregnancy.

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  1. britty

    I tried the homemade sugar pregnancy test and the sugar just stayed at the bottom does that mean it clumped and I’m pregnant

    • Anne

      I had the same result. Did you find out that you were pregnant since then?

      • Katie

        Mine did the same. I know we had sex during my high fertility week and on ovulation day… I’m wondering if I am??? Did you find out you were pregnant?

    • Tabitha Dyer

      I took the test and the sugar turned brown can you tell me does that mean I am pregnant

    • Lovelylilies

      If it does that try it again the next day if it stays at the bottom again , then this diy didn’t work for you .

    • Cp

      Did u ever find out if it stays at the bottom of ur pregnanat? Mines went like that and I mixed it and it dissolved ?

      • Claudia

        Then it means your not pregnant … If you are left with the same amount of sugar as before then your pregnant but if you have a less amount then what you first started out with then your not pregant

    • Carli

      Mine just did the same i mean alot disolved but they was some left at the bottom that didnt clump?

      • lynne

        Is it a positive if it stays at the bottom and forms an oily texture?

        • mubina

          I also experiened the same thing.half of the sugar got dissolved and half remained at bottom and also oily texture remained at day i went through medival checkup nd i was pregnant

          • Lynne

            unfortunately I wasn’t…so don’t know what happened there lol, but congratulations! 🙂 😀 <3

      • sarah

        Mine did the same i tried it twice . Did you find out?

    • Jessica

      Ok ladies I would like to give a little help. I am 3 months pregnant and tried this for a friend to see if this works or not and all it did was sat at the bottom of the container. I tried this in the past as well when I was not pregnant and had the same results. I hope this was able to help some of you ladies

  2. Priya

    I have tried this. Suger stays bottom of urine. Is this possitive?

    • Monica

      Can anyone plz answer if they turned out to be pregnant when the sugar just stayed on the bottom? I got the same results and would appreciate if someone could tell me their outcome.

    • mintu jaison

      I am also checked,some sugure dissolve ,some not dissolve its means…what,

      • Olivia

        Hopefully I can clear some of this confusion up. I was also thinking/worrying (because my partner & I are not ready for a baby yet) that I could be pregnant, so when I did this, the first time the sugar did not dissolve & I didn’t think to mix it or anything. I decided to try again the next day, & I stirred it for a few seconds & it dissolved. I just got my period yesterday so I can confirm that I am not pregnant (:
        So I’d say that if the sugar clumps/forms into balls, you are most likely pregnant. If the sugar doesn’t dissolve after stirring it for a couple seconds, you could also be pregnant & I would recommend getting a test to be sure. If the sugar dissolves right away or after stirring it, it’s safe to say that you’re not pregnant. Good luck everyone!

  3. Rachel

    Mines too…does anybody know if that is positive or not?

    • asiya

      The sugar just stayed at bottom. ..some sugar dissolved. .bt some others didnt dissolve..just stayed at bottom..what does it mean positive or negative

      • eisha

        I got the same result as you. Did you find out if you were pregnant or not.

  4. Heather

    Mine stayed at the bottom even after swirling the bowl. So i decided to try my son’s urine lol since i know he won’t be pregnant, did the same test and his dissolved….sooooo i think im pregnant

    • Lil

      Did you ever find out if you were preegnant? In freaking out and I need to know

  5. Nandu

    Today I did this test and sugar settled down,so am I pregnant

  6. lizzy

    i just did the same test, and i had the same result as all of you. it just stayed at the bottom and there were very tiny chunks, smaller than a BB. it didnt disolve or anything. if you found out if your pregnant please answer. im going to the dr tomorrow and hopefully i will find out then.

    • bdawn

      We’re you pregnant? I need some type of answer please

    • Amber

      Please, did you turn out pregnant? Mine literally did the same thing! Literally! And I’m very worried. Im too young for a baby😕

      • Helpful

        I did this test for the past few days and some of the sugar stayed at the bottom. I got my period yesterday, so I’m not pregnant! Just as long as the sugar doesn’t form clumps, you’re fine 🙂 Maybe the sugar at the bottom just means your period is about to come because it happened to me 😁

        • JonesLady19

          You can still get you period and be pregnant it’s possible so the best thing to do is make an appointment I know from experience…

  7. Kylie

    Same as all of you ladies! The sugar just stayed at the bottom of the cup… Positive?

    • Claudia

      It means your not pregnant as long as no clumps formed because I tried it this morning and no clumps formed .. But some of the sugar stayed at the bottom and turns out I got my period today .. Hopefully this helps

  8. kanch

    for me sugar stayed bottom. After swrilling n keeping it long time. half dissolved half stayed bottom..What does it mean ?

  9. Katie

    Same! Omgoodness! I have a the month and want to surprise my fiance id I am pregnant! Any one find out?!

  10. Chantel Yeomans

    Hi ladies I had the same urine just stayed on bottom of container some desolved and some didnt so not sure if im pregnant

  11. michelle

    Im 7 days late not showing any bfps but my sugar clumped

    • Teresa

      What did the clumping look like? did the sugar stay at the bottom or did it end up actually clumping up visibly?

  12. angelbliss

    has anyone done the sugar one an found out their pregnant ??? does it really work ?? someone please answer if you have answers

    • Katie

      I did it but it just sat in the bottom… I’m 5 days late… pregnancy tests say negative but my ovulation/fertile week was 2-2.5 weeks ago so it could be too soon. I’ll post here when I take my next test 🙂

    • Av

      I’ve tried this test like 3 or 4 times, the first time it went straight to the bottom so I threw it. Next time I tried with less sugar and it did dissolve, but It was a lot of pee, the next time i tried with less pee and the same amount of sugar, after sitting in the bottom for a while, I started moving it and it dissolved again. Today I tried again, with a tbsp of sugar and 3 of urine, and it dissolved again, I haven’t made a hpt, but I will tomorrow, so I can confirm the results.

  13. Sarah

    The sugar just stayed at the bottom?…what does that mean?….positive or negative??…tell me please I’m beyond scared….

    • liz

      i tried this test with alot of pee and 3 tbs. of sugar in a cup and all of it stayed at the bottom well some dissolved i wanna know if it means im pregnant pleas let me know

  14. Kaylie

    When I took the test I waited three minutes after taking it to see. I came back moved it around a little to see and the sugar was clumped in the corners and creases of the bowl I used. It looked like after you put too much sugar in your cereal and drank all the milk, how all of the sugar is left in the bottom of your bowl in wet clumpy piles. I think this means I’m pregnant.
    Kaylie recently posted…Hands & Feet Feel Dry At Night-Reason & Home RemediesMy Profile

    • Janie

      I did this this test the other morning and the sugar was in little piles on the sides but it was less sugar than what I’ve read to put. Ive done 3 ones with the amount it says (2-3) teaspoons and about 1.5 ounces of urine. And it just sits on the bottom I did notice there’s like a then whitish clear layer just about the sugar and my urine is getting cloudy (after a few minutes.) I think it’s a positive result but it’s just not the right measurements try using less sugar ladies

  15. Shanon

    I have done the sugar test one time last week with early morning urine and again this morning last week it all dissolved and this morning it just stayed at the bottom of the cup like is if was left in a bowl of cereal what does this mean I’m pregnant??

  16. Kayla Adkins

    Hey ladies, I done this test as well and I am very late on my period, about two weeks…I’ve done quite a bit of research on the sugar test, If the sugar just sits at the bottom and does nothing from what I read it said to try again in a few days and if there’s still nothing it could be entirely too early in pregnancy however it is imperative to use first morning urine. The sugar should instantly clump in little beads smaller then a BB if positive, if negative you should instantly see it desolve. Hope this helps,:)

  17. Soph

    I’m scared and it just sat at bottom but not clumping .. Help please

    • Soph

      I think some websites say the sugar should dissolve instantly , but it does not . If the pee just sinks to the bottom and does nothing . Grab a knife and stir it and if most of it dissolve you’re not pregnant .. For a positive result in pretty sure you would see it clump up in tiny beads .. If I’m wrong please correct me

  18. Sapphire

    Did this yesterday and today. Went to the bottom, but didn’t dissolve even when stirred. Also did the bleach test and it fizzed. I’m currently nursing my 8 mo, and haven’t had a period yet so I can’t go off that, but I’m nauseous the last couple days. I’ll keep everyone posted. Anyone have current results if the sugar sat on the bottom? Thanks:)

  19. Ashley

    Hey girls I’m 3 days late but I’m wanting to wait to take a test just to be on the safe side I don’t want to get my hopes up me and my husband has been trying for three years.
    I did the sugar test tonight and I had a lot of little clumps pop up!! (:

  20. Chantel Yeomans

    Hi ladies I did sugar test as im 5 days late it stayed at the bottom did see few clumps what does this mean please help

  21. Kristy

    Hello, so I just did this test and as the same as many of you the sugar stayed at the bottom, didn’t dissolve but didn’t clump either. I also stirred it and it stayed the same… what’s it mean? I’m confused.

  22. Eliza

    So I tried this. Peed in a cup about two hours ago, poured in my sugar and stirred. It’s still there. Just tried doing it in a different cup about thirty minutes ago and it looks the same. Sugar is sitting at the bottom of both cups. I bought a couple of tests to be sure but I’m not sure if I should take them now or wait a few more days.

    • Beth

      Did you test? What was the result? Mine had little crystals on the bottom and the rest wouldn’t dissolve. When I tried to stir it around it just moved but never dissolved.

  23. danel

    Hi i ve done the sugar test but im not sure if it is positive the sugar stays under and makes bit oil on top

  24. Nicole

    The sugar just settled on the bottom of the plate without dezolving… witin a 10-20 minute time span it did make little sugar cristals on the edges of my plate. I’m going to asume its a pisitive resulte since a month ago my pee dezolved all of the sugar and i ended up not being pregnant i will test on christmas and find out for sure good luck and baby dust to all!! I will update once i take a pregnancy test

  25. Kara

    Did anyone ever find out if when the sugar just stays on the bottom if you’re pregnant?

  26. Frances gurton

    I did this test today and notbing happened, the sugar just stayed at the bottom pf the cup, i did it again later the same day the same thing happened but i stirred it for about 30 secods and all of the sugar dissolved! I would recommend stirring it if the sugar just lays at the bottom, if there is HCG in you pee (which is what the hormone that is present in urine if you are pregnant) then the sugar doesn’t dissolve cos the HCG doesnt allow it, sp if you stir and it dissolves youre nlt pregnant!

  27. Keith

    I have done sugar test and sugar settled at the bottom. Am I pregnant?

  28. Destiny

    soooooo any of you ladies that took this home remedies sugar pregnancy test in the the sugar stuck at the bottom but then it didn’t clump up however it stook in one place in the bowl was you pregnant please please please please please answer this thank you

    • Nadia

      I just did the test but all the sugar stayed at the bottom . I’m having like pregnancy symptoms. I feel like my period is coming but it doest I’m not due till 10 days from today . isn’t to early to get menstrual symptoms ? So anyways the sugar stayed at the bottom and made like a oily texture also.

  29. Julie

    OK I did the sugar test mine didn’t clump or dissolve it went to the bottom so I stirred it up and it still didn’t dissolve so I tested my 7 hers also went to the bottom but when I stirred it … It dissolved I took a pregnancy test the 2 days later and found out I’m actually pregnant

    • Ruby

      Thank You!
      So nice someone was able to give conclusion.
      Im so grateful !

  30. Renee

    If it clumps up your pregnant went to doctors to confirm it is 6 weeks

    • Sandra

      Yours are clump at your are pregnant? I did checked mine, it dissolved. That’s mean its negative?

    • Karissa21

      I done this and it stayed at the bottom all together like it does in the bottom of cereal does that mean I am?

  31. Morgan

    The sugar just sits there at the bottom too, I swirled it around with a q-tip and barely any dissolved. I would love feedback from people this happened to as well! My local Walmart never carries the cheap pregnancy tests and I don’t want to waste money if I don’t have to!

    • Harley Hood

      Try dollar tree or dollar general I used there $1 tests on my last pregnancy when my period was 2 days late and they were poth positive

  32. Brit

    I did the sugar test. My pee just sat at the top but when I mixed it it dissolved it haves no clumps so what does that mean?

  33. Tina Miller

    The sugar test just stayed at the bottom, but the bleach test said I was pregnant.

  34. Shirla

    If the sugar stays at the bottom stir it with a q-tip or something you not going to use again. If is dissolves? Your not pregnant. If is stays or clumps up? Your pregnant. Hope this helps 🙂

  35. Addison

    I did the sugar test and it stayed at the bottom yesterday. This morning I took a first response test and it was negative.

    A little worried now because I am 7 days late and we had unprotected sex when i was fertile. A few days ago I had bad pain in my woman parts. I don’t know what’s up now. Maybe doctor appointment is needed.

  36. Kenix

    Any one have an email. I got answers. I took the sugar test twice and I also put water into another sugar cup. The sugar did the same thing with water. It sat there as well. I think if you stir for a few seconds and it doesn’t dissolve. That means it’s positive. Because I stir the water and sugar and it dissolve like the one with the pee. I have pics but I can’t post. But to be sure I’m taking a pregnancy test. And I think the bleach is a chemical reaction because I took and it took a lil min to foam then it went clear. Then I took it again it just fizzed. I don’t know if I miscarried and still got the leftovers in me because I just came off my period a week ago and I also come on at the beginning of each month instead if the ending. Hope this helps but it’s best to take a pregnancy test, because some homemade are just a chemical reaction and give false results.

  37. Crystal

    Hey I just did this test and the sugar sat in the bowel and it didn’t dissolve then I stirred it with a Q tip and little clumps started to appear…. Some of the sugar did dissolve but not all of it..

  38. Ashley

    women who have used this testing method report the sugar just sitting on the bottom of the bowl, not clumping or dissolving. If a woman gets this result, she should try testing again in a few days. If the sugar still does not clump or dissolve, she should try another testing method or see her doctor.

  39. miaaminer

    Do it juss stay on the Botton N Juss Dont Do Nothinq

  40. Kasenka

    For all the ladies who have asked if the sugar just stayed at the bottom and didn’t dissolve or clump, could I be pregnant?

    Mine did exactly this, sugar settled at the bottom and didn’t clump but wouldn’t dissolve even if stirred.

    I can now confirm I am pregnant 🙂

    • Kendra

      Omg iv done the bleach foamed sugar and just sat there fits this mean i am. I know this test is 97% accurate

  41. Kanika

    There are so many replies and hardly two people confirmed that this Sugar Test came Positive and they are Pregnant.

    I request to the other commentors who got Positive Results with Sugar Tests to share their result (That means whether they got confirm positive from Doctor or not).

    If they do so.. it will be really really very helpful to others.

  42. Morgan

    I did this test twice. It didn’t dissolve but it just stayed on the bottom. I even swirled it around. I haven’t missed my period yet but I’m supposed to have it in 4-5 days. I have symptoms involving frequent urination, fatigue, heart burn, and a pressure in my pelvic area. I will take a home pregnancy test later but are these good indications that I am pregnant?

    • kyra

      Hi did you ever turn out pregnant? I’m having the same symptoms!!

  43. Doctor

    If the sugar dissolves entirely it means that u aren’t pregnant. If in ur wakeup morning urine there is pregnancy hormone the sugar wouldn’t have dissolved and this causes the clumping n settling down. Always wait patiently to see if the sugar dissolves entirely. 30mins tops. Stir it at intervals if u have to but don’t forcibly stir it.

    • Stacy

      I did the bleach test and it fizzed up a lot. I did the sugar test and I left it maybe 30-40 minutes and when I came back, it was gone. It dissolved. Which one should I believe?

  44. Ruby

    Here’s my experience; Had sex during fertile time. started to spot extremely light (I mean hardly made it to the panty liner) brown spotting one week before period is due, spotting lasted 3 days- never getting heavier.
    Also very tired.. breasts only slightly tender.
    period due in 2 days. Did every test I could find with 1st morning urine – First Response Early Result- neg. Toothpaste test did not turn blue but became frothy (im going to call that one inconclusive) questionable neg.
    Dig vinegar test- no color change so neg.
    did sugar test, did not clump but did not dissolve after 4 hours (sat in bottom like everyone else’s… pos(?)
    Did bleach test, foamed up and had a foam head on it over twice the size as the liquid in cup.. so.. pos (?)
    Not sure what status is, spotting was textbook implantation bleed.
    Also I was 6 weeks preg before I ever got a pos with my daughter.. so I know hcg isn’t always quick to turn up.
    But could sugar and bleach test be considered more sensitive than a FRER test?
    Any feedback or info would be much appreciated .

  45. Amber

    I tool the sugar test 3 times first tim e it went to the bottom. Took if again same thing. Took it again this morning not as much urine but it clumped and didnt dissolve. None of the places in my area have cheap tests and wont have money for another week. If someone can please help by enlightening me I would appreciate xx

  46. Mikaela

    Hey ladies,
    I’m 17 and on the birth control implant. I haven’t had a period in the past 2 years. Recently I haven’t been feeling right a few weeks after unprotected intercourse so I tried this test and the sugar stayed at the bottom. I let it set and mixed it and noticed a little bit of it dissolved, no visible clumps. I would watch the amount of how much sugar you put though. Not too much but not too little. I took a pregnancy test after and it came out negative. Hope this helped!

  47. eisha

    Hello, I did the pregnancy test with sugar whether am pregnant or not. But am not sure if am pregnant because when I have pee in the bowl, not all sugar have been dissolve. Some had stayed in it. Please help!!

  48. jen

    I did a sugar pregnancy test this morning all of the sugar stayed at the bottom but there was a little clump that later on disappeared??? I also did 2 other sugar test the day before and the same results happened but no clumps. Help I’m confused .

  49. Lissette

    I did the sugar test my stayed at the bottom even when I stir it around a little. And I also did the baking soda test that one foamed a lot which it said I’m pregnancy & it’s a boy . One of the Doctor on here said if it’s stay at the bottom and it does not dissolve your pregnant. Your not pregnant if it dissolve hopes this helps I have a doctor appt next week finger cross .

  50. Rebecca

    Hi I’ve just done the sugar test and mine all sat in a pile at the bottom of the bowl none of it disintegrated I will keep you all updated when I have done a pregnancy test in a few days time 😃

    • Cp

      Wonder did u find out ? Mines stayed at the bottom to but when mixed is dissolved ? Expect they smallest we bit

  51. Mommy2B

    Hello curious ladies 🙂
    I am in my 7th week of pregnancy and I took this test twice and both times the sugar just sat on the bottom with no clumping. I stirred it and waited and it would not disolve. I did try the vinegar, bleach, and pine sol test as well. The vinegar and bleach just changed color to match my urine but the pine sol turned a really pretty shade of blue/green. ( I used the dollar tree version of the lemon scented pine sol). Best wishes to you all!!

  52. Susan

    I did this yesterday. Mine dissolved completely. Mine was in a cup and I swished it around and it dissolved. The first time I tried I didn’t swished it in the cup and so it just stayed at the bottom too.
    So next time swish it around a bit. My cousin did this test and it clumped up on her so she went to doc and she is pregnant.

  53. Ash

    I’m under 18,and didn’t want my mom to know If I was pregnant so I very stupidly put a few drops of water into my sample and it came back negative I’m not sure if what I did affected the sample or if I’m actually not pregnant (which is what I am hoping) then I did this sugar test and it dissolved completely as soon as the urine hit it.

  54. Rea

    So i did the sugar test and it was just like when you put to much sugar in your cereal, sludgy if I might add but didn’t dissolve even after I stirred it…. anyone know what this means

  55. Willow RedWolf

    Hi ^^^^ i was just going to mention the same thing. i did the sugar test and the sugar did not dissolve nor did it clump…..yes i did use fmu….i am going to go and pick up a real hpt today and test tomorrow.

  56. Paige

    Ladies I’ve tried the sugar test yesterday and today both times in a clear cup, both times the sugar just stayed at the bottom. When I stirred none dissolved but I could see tiny grains of sugar swirling around but it they did not dissolve. When I pushed the stirring stick to the bottom of the cup and tried scooping up the sugar, it stuck to the stirring stick and fell off to the bottom in tiny clumps. Waiting for the hubby to come home tonight with a test to take in the morning…results to follow.

  57. Kelly

    I did the sugar test it took a while to desolve and when it did it was like crystals at the bottom and when I tipped it out it was like syrup what does this mean?

  58. suganthi


    How much time do we need to wait the sugar should dissolve into urine.
    i also did the same test. but i don’t know when to stop the test. could you please someone suggest me on this?

  59. Amber Taylor

    I filled a small shot glass size cup about halfway full of sugar and used a dropper (from a storebought pregnancy test) and squeezed a few drops of mid day urine on it. IT CLUMPED. I tried the same measurements with WATER and it didn’t dissolve, BUT it became kinda creamy/pasty. Not sure if I’m pregnant yet. These were just my results.

  60. Joy

    Hi I did the sugar test.i have some sugar at the bottom but a few clumps. Does that mean I’m pregnant? Going to get a home pregnancy test to confirm for sure. Good luck ladies.😉

  61. Heather

    I’ve been having stabbing pains in my sides and been neasus there was this white sticky stuff that came out of me so I took the sugar test and it stayed st the bottom I stirred it and it’s just got a clumpy what does this mean ?

  62. Katie Miles

    Hello I tried this method and the sugar stayed at the bottom what does that mean? I stirred it then it dissolved please respond whoever

    • Lucy

      Hi, first of all I did this test with about 2 table spoons of sugar, and nothing dissolved just seemed to stay at the bottom
      And form clumps on the side, I did it one more time with less sugar and it formed a small clump in the middle, but then I shook it to swirl it a bit and it all dissolved.. I’ve had my period and haven’t had sex since, just had other pregnancy symptoms so thought I should double check, since it dissolved I think this means I’m not pregnant.. I’m due for period I’m a couple days, so I’ll come back with news.

      Hope this helped.

  63. Jess

    So I did this test and it just stayed at the bottom after swirling it some did dissolve and the rest stayed at the bottom and formed tiny looking crystals I did it with water to compare and it just completely dissolved I’m going to use my sisters urine whose 20wks pregnant and see if hers looks like mine

    • Jess

      I meant I did one with urine and another with just water

  64. Megan

    I did the sugar pregnancy test
    And the sugar went to the bottom
    I tried it three times still the same thing
    At the bottom
    I been having sex everyday unprotected
    I think this homemade remedie sucks

  65. Sandee74

    I have pictures but dont know how to display them
    Ok I used a clean bowl
    2 tablespoons of sugar
    Pee’d in a different cup
    Poured 2 drops on the sugar in different spots and tapped the bowl (like you tap the glitter you dry on glue to make a name)
    It made 2 big circles clumpy!
    It is very obvious, it feels and looked like sugared gummy candy; like the Sunkist gummy fruit circles!!
    I’m so happy becuz I knew I’m full of symptoms 10 days late, 4 neg home test and a neg blood test done at 4dpd, but I guess those where to early, did this in the middle of the day today, had to pee real bad and did it! I was neg with my last pg so I knew something was up we been ttc since May and I’m never late. When I get a doctors ultrasound I will update as well, God bless you all and good luck and baby dust!!!

    • AmeLia

      Did you find out if you were pregnant? I did the test like you did and it very obviously clumped and like you said, looked like sugar coated candy!

  66. Keisha

    I did the sugar test and a hpt. My sugar test was just like everyone as the sugar just stayed at the bottom and didn’t clump up or dissolve. It looked the same why it do in cereal. My hpt was negative hope this was helpful

  67. Adilene

    I did the sugar test and I’m not sure I’m if pregnant because it was a little watery and then it started getting hard

  68. Jackie

    I’ve taken the sugar test 3 times already all have formed clumps .. am I pregnant???

  69. bella

    Hey, recently I’m scared of being pregnant so I took a baking soda test and it fizzed like a shook up soda. Super confused since most people check to see if it’s a boy and girl even though I read if it fizzes your pregnant. I have done the sugar test two days in a row now and gotten the same result. It stayed and hardened at the bottom and even when I stired it it didn’t dissolve. If anyone can tell me if I’m pregnant that would help. I will post in a few days after I get the courage to go and buy a pregnancy test by myself. Give me support ladies I’m barley 18 :/ on the pill but things can happen email me at

  70. alex

    SO i did this test & my sugar just sat at the bottom and had an oily texture in my urine. i didn’t stir it, i threw it out and was going to try again. Did it again and same thing. But I am NOT pregnant. so if it sits at the bottom that doesn’t mean you are pregnant but what from i’ve read you must stir the sugar if that happens. if it dissolves then you aren’t pregnant. if it doesn’t dissolve after stirring, then you are most likely pregnant.

  71. sowbhagya

    hi! i did this test today the sugar did not dissolved and when i gently stirred it it forms like very little crystal balls…
    is it a positive???
    pls somebody help me…
    i m waiting for replies…

  72. Sandra

    Am scared ,I feel like my period wants to arrive, BT haven’t seen any . so I tired d experiment with sugar Nd my urine, my took a couple of minutes to dissolve, no sugar was left out . so now am gonna try go take pregnancy test to confirm, with get back to u with a result.

  73. Dingo

    My friend took the test and lot of sugar dissolved, but some stayed on the bottom of cup. Is she pregnant?

  74. Varsha Mahadevan

    I tried home made pregnancy test with sugar. Since the result should either be the sugar have to dissolve in urine or need to clump up. For me it is setting down and the urine is having an oily texture. Can you pls guide me on what this can be???. Am I pregnant??



  1. Bleach Pregnancy Test-Homemade Pregnancy Test-Am I Pregnant - […] Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar […]

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