The pregnancy period is the transition of motherhood for every woman. All women await the great feeling of being the child- bearer; they want to get to the aim of marriage and attaining motherhood. Although this is a great responsibility which should be taken only when one is well prepared for. Sometimes pregnancy occurs when you are not ready for this big responsibility due to some personal, social, professional, health or financial problem. In these circumstances, it’s better to abort the unwanted child than giving him life.

pregnancy test is positive what to do next

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In India, it is expected early from a newly wedded bride to get pregnant. Once, a girl gets married, all women from the family start asking for the pregnancy. Though, times are changing and so thus the mindset.

One of my close friends and neighbor too got married and after one girl child, she felt that she is pregnant. She was not ready for this sudden stage and was not confirm also. She didn’t tell anyone and asked me for further steps. Of course, she and her husband had not decided about the second baby, so she was completely puzzled. The signs that were convincing for the pregnancy were of course known: absence of menstruation, breast size changing, nausea, vomiting etc. I could only suggest her to get diagnosed first. It came as a surprise that she was really pregnant when her first child was only 8 months old. But, we were not truly happy. The reason was only it was too early for them. It was not that they were not feeling good, but, only it was not planned and not wanted when the first child was so small.

She did consult first her family and then the doctor. It was the first trimester. Medically, she got two options to abort the pregnancy- medical abortion and surgical abortion. But, she felt scared with the outcomes like long term cramps, bleeding and side effects of pain medication. Her mother in law suggested her some safer and without side effects home remedies which I want to post:

  1. The first thing that I was told by my mother- in- law to stop in pregnancy was papaya, the reverse is for aborting. Papaya is considered having contraceptive properties. Eating papaya is recommended only if a natural abortion is a purpose.
  2. Black cohosh is said to be effective for abortion. It is not completely proven about this herb giving perfect results, but, certainly, it will lead to the aim. It also helps in easing menopause symptoms and relieving in arthritis.
  3. Sesame seeds can carry you towards abortion or miscarriage. This will form the solution for a natural abortion. The sesame seeds are soaked overnight and the water can be taken in the morning.
  4. Evening primrose oil works when it is applied to the cervix. Also, it can be consumed in the form of pills.
  5. A fresh pineapple juice is a successful remedy for aborting. For the target, the theory of drinking this juice every day is supported.
  6. Parsley loosens the cervix and thus, helps in terminating the pregnancy in early months. The juice extracted in blender has the properties to induce abortion.
  7. Mixing the shots of banana and acacia pods and making the powder after drying them in the sun is a simple cure for reaching abortion.
  8. Other than the food remedies, acupuncture is the holistic way to remove the diseases on one hand and give way for abortion on the other. Acupuncture counteracts with the hormones encouraging the pregnancy. That is why acupuncture is avoided by women who are willing to give birth.

It is not necessary that the tips mentioned will certainly give results, but, as I recommended to my friend- It is best to prevent rather cure and suffer.

The baby is the responsibility of both the parents forever if there is no planning to have a baby, try to pursue a doctor for the timely guidelines. This will prevent you from taking any risk, aborting a life and will also keep the love relaxing.