Probably one of the most confusing facts about home pregnancy kits is the uncertainly of their results. Even though you are taking the pregnancy test within a few days after ovulation or after missing your period, it is very much possible that you see slight variations in the results.  In most of the cases, women do not know if the negative result is due to taking the test too early or if they are not pregnant at all. Since this is a very sensitive topic and can create lots of confusion and distress among couples, here are the answers to 5 frequently asked questions about home- pregnancy test kits.

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Can home pregnancy test be negative and blood test is positive?

Answer: This is one of the most frequently asked questions about home- pregnancy tests and the answer to this is “YES”. It is very much possible for the home- pregnancy test to be negative while the result of the blood test is positive. The reason behind this is that blood tests to detect pregnancy are way more sensitive than the home- pregnancy test kits that test the level of hCG in urine. hCG is the pregnancy hormone the presence of which is a sign that a woman is pregnant. Since blood tests are more sensitive, it is possible for the blood test to detect even a small amount of hCG in your blood which can go completely undetected if you are using a home- pregnancy test kit.

Can home pregnancy test be wrong?

Answer: Yes, home pregnancy tests can be wrong. In fact, there can be as many wrong pregnancy tests as there are correct ones. In few cases, it may be because of the expiry of the home pregnancy test kit and in other cases, it may be because you are not pregnant at all. Another common reason why home pregnancy tests can show wrong results is because the level of hCG has not yet reached its required level and hence goes undetected in the test. In this case, you can take the pregnancy test after a week or so and be sure whether you are pregnant or not.

Can home pregnancy test give false positive?

Answer: A home pregnancy test can show false positive results but this is in fact very rare. For women who are trying to conceive, it can be disturbing to see a false positive result. There can be various reasons why a home pregnancy test can give false positive results. The fluctuating level of hCG in urine is the most common reason why a home pregnancy test gives false positive results.

Can home pregnancy test be negative and still be pregnant?

Answer:  Yes, it is possible for you to be pregnant even if your test shows a negative result. This is because you have taken the test too early in your pregnancy and the level of pregnancy hormone hCG has gone undetected in the test. In case you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the test after a week or so and you may see positive results.

Can you reuse a negative pregnancy test?

Answer: No, you cannot reuse a negative pregnancy test. A pregnancy test that has been used once will not work under any condition. Whether positive or negative, a test that is used once is completely useless and cannot be used further.