High sugar/diabetes during pregnancy

High sugar/diabetes- is a condition where body is unable to convert carbohydrates and sugars into energy. When this happens? It happens when the body of a person is unable to produce sufficient amount of insulin and furthermore even can’t use the insulin. This condition in the body when body is unable to produce sufficient insulin, results in damage of in the blood vessels, heart, nerves, kidneys and eyes due to extra sugar in blood.

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Types of Diabetes

  • TYPE 1- body produces no insulin or little amount which is not sufficient for body to change blood sugar into energy. It usually develops during childhood or adolescence.
  • TYPE 2- body produces little amount of insulin but unable to use it to change blood sugar into energy. It usually develops after childbearing age. This type of diabetes is common these days.
  • GESTATIONAL DIABETES- diagnosed in a pregnant woman and it goes away after child birth. But actually it does not go away, in fact woman later develop type 2 diabetes.

Affect of Diabetes/High Sugar during pregnancy on Woman

Gestational diabetes is really a critical issue but it can be handled. During pregnancy, controlling blood sugar is really difficult but it is really important as well. Generally gestational diabetes occurs in the third trimester, but in some rare cases it occurs in very early stage of pregnancy. If a woman had gestational diabetes in her previous pregnancy then there are high chances that she would suffer with gestational diabetes in her next pregnancies too. A woman with diabetes having high blood sugar suffers with certain health problems.

A woman suffering with gestational diabetes, there are high chances of:-

  • C-section
  • Premature baby
  • Preeclampsia
  • Blindness
  • Heart or kidney disease or both
  • High BP
  • Nerve damage

Affect of high sugar/diabetes during pregnancy on baby’s health

A woman suffering from gestational diabetes, blood sugar remains high which can cause serious effect on baby’s health. Baby grows very large which can cause difficulty in birth through birth canal. Furthermore, it can even result in nerve damage to the baby’s shoulder. A very large baby results in chances of being overweight or obese later which further increase the chances of having diabetes later. Baby to a woman suffering with high blood sugar i.e. type 1 or type 2 diabetes, can later develop some serious health problems.

After the birth

After about two to four hours of the birth of the child, doctors will have a heel prick of the blood test of baby to check for the low level of glucose. The mothers need to feed her baby as soon as possible after the birth in order to keep the blood glucose at safe level.

During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you need to adjust your diet and changes in your lifestyle will help you in avoiding problems with low-high blood sugar levels. I too had gestational diabetes from the very early stage of my pregnancy, but by controlling the diet and following the doctor’s instructions I have a healthy baby girl. If you have gestational diabetes as a critical issue in your pregnancy then may be your doctor suggest you to go for C-Section. Time of labor is very stressful for both baby and mother. In order to lessen the stress, blood sugar control must be taken care of and insulin via injection injected during pregnancy. Insulin requirements after delivery often drop rapidly. If you are planning to be a mother or expecting a baby then you must take care of your blood sugar/diabetes, regular checkups and control them through medications. If you have any experience please share with us.