Winter is a season which many enjoy, while it is a painful time for few others who face severe pains in joints, muscles and especially foot. Winter is also a season that makes you run for many festival and vacation time. It becomes necessary that you spend most of your time on foot. People with diabetes, neuropathy or having poor blood circulation are the one who faces the winter foot pain more often than others.

Foot Pain During Winter

Image Credit goes to Flickr Janice Magracia

There are various people feeling the winter foot pain and it starts early on. People normally say that they feel cold in their bones, in their joints, and in their muscles actually mean about different disorders that they may have. You still can feel the foot pain in the winter without any disorders as well.

Here are some signs to recognize the foot pains during winter.

Signs of foot pain

The foot pain during winter is also known as chilblains. When a person is exposed to cold for a long duration the person starts feeling symptoms of burning and itching sensation initially. The skin of the affected area may change color to blue and may suffer from sores, corns, calluses, and blister. It worsens when he or she moves to a warmer place immediately. All though this is not a serious condition, people can still feel a great amount of pain and discomfort depending on their health conditions and age.

Causes of foot pain in winter

When a person is exposed to cold or damp, a localized form of vasculopathy occurs. At that time the coldness damages the tiny blood vessels in the skin causing redness, itching, blisters, and inflammation. These are usually seen near the toes and foot. This usually occurs in women, children and aged people. Especially for people who are thinner.

Home remedies to cure the winter foot pain

Although the pain may seem a very small issue, it surely makes us suffer and pull us down by making us tired and not allowing us to work properly. It is always advisable to not to ignore the foot pain and make sure you follow every way to take care and prevent the pain. Here are some remedies to help your winter foot pain.

  1. If you are having corns and callus, place your foot in warm water with Epsom salt for 20 minutes and wipe your foot neatly after that.
  2. Cover your foot with soft footwear to avoid contact with the hard and cold floor when inside the house.
  3. Cayenne pepper – Use a handful of cayenne pepper in your sock and wear it. The cayenne pepper has the decent sum of capsaicin that cures the foot pain. Use this method only if you do not have cracked skin.
  4. Broccoli – Take a small size of broccoli and clean it. Grind it into a paste and apply it on the areas of the pain in your foot. Cover it with a clean cotton cloth for 30 minutes. Wash it after with warm water.
  5. Sesame and olive oil – Both sesame and olive oil has medicinal properties. Pour a little on your palms and scrub it against your foot with a light massage in a clockwise direction.

These are some of the methods to ease the foot pain during winter. Make sure you keep your foot warmer as much possible during the cold and avoid contact for a long time. Moisturize regularly and a good foot massage will improve the blood circulation making the foot warm.