Adjusting our diets according to seasons is very crucial and with summers just around the corner, it is high time we all start adjusting our diets accordingly. The same type of diet when followed during summers as well as winters will have completely different effects on our body. Needless to say, the rise in humidity as well as temperature requires a revival of our eating habits. Eating wrong food items have the tendency to disturb our digestive systems and can also lead to issues throughout summers. Without wasting much time, let us consider a few food items which are to be completely avoided this summer.

Food items to avoid this summer

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  1. Garlic

Garlic is undoubtedly loaded with lots of health benefits but its intake during summers can also induce the risk of cancer. The over- consumption of garlic during summers can induce the development of Pitta, which is responsible for polluting the blood. Apart from this, if excessive amount of garlic is consumed by people who have blood imbalance or already suffer from Pitta, then there can be a sudden outburst of ulcerations, heat rashes, acne, liver damage as well as burning sensation.

  1. Too much spice

Spices undoubtedly add flavour in our food and are good for health too, but too much spices also can heat up the body eating as they boost the rate of metabolism.

  1. Cold drinks

Almost everyone prefers sipping cold drinks on a hot summer day. But the truth is that all cold drinks are loaded with high quantity of sugar acids, which not only lead to decaying of teeth; rather they also cause serious diabetic problems in the longer run. Alternatively, you can switch to fresh fruit juices for great relief from heat. This will also keep you fit and healthy.

  1. Tea/ Coffee

Both tea and coffee help in relieving stress as well as fatigue but the truth is that both these hot beverages tend to increase the amount of heat in the body. This is a clear reason why avoiding tea/ coffee are not a bad idea this summer. Also, coffee supplies caffeine to the body, which is a major cause of dehydration.

  1. Oily junk food

With no introduction required in order to specify the harmfulness of oily junk food, it is best to avoid all types of fast food items including burgers, patties, hotdogs, fries, etc. Fried food also consists of spices and a good share of oil, which promotes weight gain and is a major reason for acne, cholesterol and various other health issues.

  1. Non- vegetarian food

A variety of non- vegetarian food items, such as squid, red meat, prawns, eggs, etc can generate excessive heat in the body and hence should be avoided. In fact, people who find it difficult to quit non- vegetarian food items altogether should at least consider cutting short the intake of non- vegetarian foods. These items can cause indigestion, upset stomach as well as also drain the body of essential fluids.

  1. Too much mangoes

Yes, we know that one of the main reasons why everyone waits for summers is due to the vast availability of mangoes. However, the truth is that it is a heat- generating fruit and causes heat pimples across people belonging to all age groups.

Increase the intake of water and other healthy fluids, such as buttermilk and fresh juice in order to have a healthy summer.