Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life as it brings happiness in the family. The expectant mother and especially her husband are excited after discovering that soon a bundle of joy would be arriving in their family. However, with all this happiness, joy and excitement, there are few things that you as a mother need to take care of. Now that you are pregnant, there are few things that you should do and few things to avoid, to have a healthy baby.

pregnancy test is positive what to do next

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Let us first begin by the Do’s that you as a new expectant mother should do:

  • The first thing is that you should do is to take an appointment with the GP. Doing this would give you a good idea about antenatal care. Getting exact suggestions on what needs to be done on the onset and during the gestation period will let you go through this time with ease.
  • It is often advised that the expectant mother should start taking folic acid until 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is said to have reduced neural tube defects in infants. However, this should be started taken before conceiving after consulting your doctor.
  • Start reading a lot of pregnancy books, parenting books and books published on baby care. This would help you in understanding what you should do and what to expect.
  • Taking a healthy diet and consulting your doctor for what you should include in your diet is essential to have a balanced diet. You have a baby that will grow in your tummy and it need nutrition and what you eat should be sufficient for both of you.
  • Enroll in pre-natal classes that will help you with the process of pregnancy and birthing. Take your partner along with you; with his support on it, you two will be able to bond on this one for sure.
  • Start shopping for pregnancy clothes; this is not an only fun way to celebrate your pregnancy, but a good way to adorn yourself with stylish clothing. Even your partner will enjoy picking out clothes for you.

Now that you know what to do, here is a list of don’ts that you should follow to ensure that you are going through the process safely:

  • If you are smoking then stop smoking and even taking alcohol too. Often it leads to stillbirth and miscarriage. Smoking and drinking affects the baby adversely, so if you want a healthy baby then abstain from it. Even if your partner is a smoker, ask them to stop smoking for you and your baby’s health.
  • It is possible that you might be asked to avoid some food products or eliminate some food from your plate. Avoid caffeine and even certain kinds of drugs. Avoid raw papaya too. Consult your doctor or nutritionist who will suggest what you should absolutely eliminate during the nine months of pregnancy.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights and wearing tight clothing especially around your stomach. Pregnancy brings on a lot of physical changes and you should wear what makes you feel comfortable. Lifting heavy weights will put pressure on your tummy and this may be dangerous for the fetus.
  • Doing exercise without consulting your doctor is dangerous. Only after consulting your doctor should you indulge in any exercise regime.
  • Using toxic cosmetics should be avoided; it is advisable that you go for natural products or herbal cosmetics. Often the concoction of cosmetics has numerous toxins in it that is harmful for the growing fetus. This is because whatever you put on your skin enters through the pores and directly assimilates in the blood stream. It is better to thoroughly go through your choices of cosmetics and skin products during that time and consult an expert on it.

You will begin to experience early pregnancy symptoms soon within a few days. However, you may or may not experience all the symptoms. Often some mothers do not go through the morning sickness, while others go through nauseous spells and fatigue. Food cravings, bladder issues and sore breasts are often experienced by majority of women, but are not necessarily experienced by all women.

This is a magical time when you should stay calm and happy, only harbor positive thoughts.