As a parent, you will definitely find it easier to dress up your child for a fancy dress competition rather than hosting a fancy dress party on your own. Given that there are hundreds of party theme ideas for fancy dress, it is quite natural for you to face the dilemma of choosing the right theme. Also, kids often have their minds fixed on certain ideas and no matter what you suggest, they will not take a step backwards. Understanding your confusion, we are bringing to you some of the most successful fancy dress party theme ideas that never go out of fashion.

Fancy Dress Party Themes Ideas

  1. Fancy Dress Ideas – Animal theme

Now we know that there are plenty of options to explore in this category. You can add huge bunny ears, a long tail, cute whiskers and other such elements to make the most adorable fancy dress ideas for your kids. Planning an animal theme party is no big deal and it will also be easier for the parents to zero in on any suitable idea.

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  1. Fancy Dress Ideas – Back From The Dead theme

A fancy dress party with this theme is definitely going to have a spooky feel with it. Especially if you are planning to organize this party anytime near the Halloween season, you are going to turn lots of heads. What can be seen at this fancy dress party will be Monsters, Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and lots of other scary characters, which we see and hear about in the movies these days.

Fancy Dress Party Theme Ideas Zombie

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  1. Fancy Dress Ideas – Black & White theme

Give the kids a chance to dress like what we used to see in the mid and late 20 century. There are plenty of options if you are following this theme, such as mime characters, zebra, Charlie Chaplin and lots of others to explore. The costumes are very easy to find and will definitely add a touch of drama to your fancy dress party.

  1. Fancy Dress Ideas – Circus Theme or Joker Theme

This is one of the themes which the kids will definitely enjoy taking part in. Kids love to go to the circus and watch all the crazy and mind blowing stunts performed there. Plan a Circus themed fancy dress party and the kids will have lots of dress options to explore. You can try various face- painting options and give your child the perfect look for this party.

fancy dress ideas circus theme

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  1. Fancy Dress Ideas – Disney theme

Disney characters are probably the one thing that kids of all ages love and it is a very vital part of their childhood. The dressing options for this party will include every Disney character, such as Peter Pan, Pixie, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Daisy Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, and so on.

  1. Fancy Dress Ideas – Pirate theme

Given to the popularity of all the pirate movies that we have seen, this is another fancy dress theme that every kid will enjoy. Terrifying pirates, funny pirates and lots of other types of pirate costumes can be included in this party.

fancy dress party theme pirates

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  1. Fancy Dress Ideas – What I want to be when I grow up

Everyone has a dream about what he/she wanted to be when grew up so this is the time to live their dream in the form of fancy dress party. Everyone has to dress up as what they wanted to be when they were young kid. Someone will be dressed up as an astronaut!, someone like an Army Officer and so on. Believe me it will be a rocking Fancy Dress Party Theme Idea. Everybody will like it.

  1. Fancy Dress option that starts with first letter of you name

Well this is again an interesting and unique idea for fancy dress party theme. Just ask your friends to come dressed as something beginning with the same letter as first letter of your name. It will be a great fun as people explore all the possible objects that have a name that start with the same letter/alphabet. Alternatively you can provide option to dress as something beginning with the same as their names.

  1. Fancy Dress Ideas – Halloween Theme

If you are planning a fancy dress competition around the month of October then you can go for a Halloween theme also as October is a month of Halloween dresses. People will enjoy really enjoy this.

Fancy dress parties are one of the most special days of the year and with these themes, you can surely put up a great show for all your little guests.

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