What is Faint Positive Pregnancy Test?

We believe that probably one of the best inventions made for women is the Home Pregnancy Test Kit. Using these test kits, finding out whether you are pregnant or not becomes very easy. If you see two pinks lines, you are pregnant and if you see one pink line, you are not pregnant. As simple as that!! But imagine you are reaching the end of your cycle and on taking the pregnancy test, all you see is one pink line and another faint line. What does this mean? Does this mean you are getting pregnant or you are not pregnant at all? Today, we are bringing answers to all the questions or doubts one can have regarding faint positive pregnancy tests.

Common Scenario for Faint Line on Pregnancy Test Kit

  • Faint positive line on pregnancy test disappeared
  • Faint positive line on pregnancy test then negative
  • Faint positive line on pregnancy test hours later
  • Faint positive line on pregnancy test then disappeared
  • Faint positive or evaporation line
  • Clear blue faint positive
  • Clear second pink faint positive
  • Faint positive pregnancy test clear blue

faint positive line on pregnancy test disappeared, faint positive line on pregnancy test then negative, faint positive line on pregnancy test hours later

Can a faint line mean that you are pregnant?

If you see a faint pink line on the home pregnancy test kit, you are tested positive. Pink line means that it has detected the presence of HCG in your urine and it means that you are pregnant. However, if you are not yet sure of this faint line result, you can go ahead and take another pregnancy test in a day or two.

Actually mostly home pregnancy test kits measure the presence of pregnancy hormone hCG present in your urine. Pregnancy hormone medically known as hCG is a hormone that your body starts producing as soon as any egg fertilize in your body.

Percentage of Pregnancy hormone increase day by day and if you test pregnancy after 2-3 days of your missed period then you can get more accurate result as by this time your body have enough hCG quantity to measure your pregnancy.

Reasons for the faint line on the pregnancy test kit?

  1. You are taking the test too early: In case you have taken the pregnancy test too early, then there are chances for the faint line to show up. As your pregnancy proceeds, you will notice the line becoming darker than before. You must know that HCG in urine is responsible for showing the pink lines on the strip and its amount doubles every few days in pregnant women. So earlier tests may show faint lines which means that you are in the earlier stages of your pregnancy. It is advised to not take the test before at least 10 days after missing your first period.
  2. Diluted urine: Most of the home- pregnancy kits available in the market today show accurate results when used at any time during the day but it is advised to take the test in the morning because the urine is concentrated during this time and you will get better results as well.
  3. Pregnancy Test Kit is expired: Before taking this crucial test, make sure that the test kit is not expired and always check the expiry date before proceeding any further.
  4. Do not let the urine evaporate: If you didn’t know this already, then urine has a tendency to evaporate from the strip. Make sure that there is no wind flowing in the surroundings and you can have more accurate results. Faint lines can appear due to evaporation as well.

Note: Do not confuse evaporation line with a faint positive pregnancy test. As your urine dries on the pregnancy test strip, a faint pink line may appear which can be easily misunderstood as a positive pregnancy. Hence, you should always make sure to read the results of the test within the prescribed time frame.