Being on a strict diet is not an easy task. One faces lot of problems while dieting. To reduce any side effects and make it easy for you, here are some useful tips.

  • Eat fresh and juicy fruits – Normally, we assume what is tasty is not healthy but fruits are an exception. Fruits apart from being tasty are a storehouse of nutrients at the same time. They are a rich source of fibre, various vitamins (A, B, C etc), minerals and anti-oxidants.

Consuming juicy fruits will not only supply you the daily dose of health but will also contend your taste buds. These days we feel fruits are not equally flavoured as the processed food.  When your body craves for apple, your first thought is not the fruits anymore but fruit gummies or packed juice.

Fortunately, you can still enjoy the tasty fruits simply by eating them when they are in season. Prefer farmers market over grocery chains that provide you all fruits round the year. This way you can combine health and taste.

easy dieting tips to weight loss

Image Credit Flickr By Natasia Causse

  • Avoid “healthy” labels – Like diet coke and protein bars? Most of you do. People tend to consume these healthy labelled products more than their normal diet. Whenever you eat such product you feel hungrier than if you consume the same food with no labels claiming these to be “Healthy”. If you are hungry have your meal normally and if you still have a craving a treat then have a small bite of dark chocolate.
  • Follow your nose – Mark my words – “your nose is a good guide”. Breathing in foods aroma tends you to appreciate its flavour and makes you crave for it. Cook with fragrant veggies such as garlic onions, leeks and fennel that give your food a great fragrance.

Garlic and onions are very good for your digestion and metabolism. These will make your boring food interesting with least of efforts and their consumption will be a bonus for your health and body.

  • Drink lots of water – One should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. This keeps them hydrated all day. Water helps you to control calories and is a good weight loss strategy. Dieting can sometimes make you feel fatigue; water helps you avoid such a situation by energizing your muscles.

Drinking substantial amount of water is also recommended to get glowing skin and avoid wrinkles. Water helps to detoxify your body. It flushes out all the toxins like blood urea nitrogen out of your body and reduces the risk of kidney stone and other kidney related problems. From constipation to cancer water is a universal solution to almost all your health problems.

  • Take proper sleep – After food, sleep is the basic need of your body. A person normally needs seven to eight hours of sleep daily. It reenergises your body and mind. It is a secret to healthy living. Better sleep promotes healthier levels of hunger regulating hormones.

Adequate sleep is necessary for good memory, body and skin. Also, when you sleep you feel less hungry. A person who regularly takes 7-8 hours of sleep is likely to eat less sugar and carbohydrates than those who takes 5-6 hours of sleep.

Hope these tips help you to make your dieting easy to weight loss. Happy Dieting!