How to calculate your pregnancy weeks?

So you’ve just found out that you are pregnant. The first thing come into your mind that how many weeks pregnant am I? Using the first day of your last menstrual cycle you can figure out that how much weeks you are pregnant now.

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Suppose you had your last period at 28th march and today is 8th may then you are 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

Week 1: 28th march to 4th April,

Week 2: 4th April to 11th April,

Week 3: 11th April to 18th April,

Week 4: 18th April to 25th April,

Week 5: 25th April to 2nd may,

6 days: 2nd may to 8th may

How to calculate your due date?

Once your pregnancy is confirmed you want to know your due date. Delivery due date is the expected date of delivery of your baby. The average length of pregnancy is 40 weeks or 280 days from the first day of your last period. To know your due date without any calculator help, just add nine months and seven days in the first date of your last period.

For example if the first day of your last period was march 28th, add 7 days then you get date April 4th. Now add nine months you will get January of next year. So your due date would be 4th January of next year.

You can also calculate the date of conception occurs, First trimester end date, Second trimester end date, Third trimester end date.

Generally conception occurs before 2 weeks of your next period due date. So if your period cycle is of 28 days then conception will occur after 14 days of your last period first date.

For example if you had your last period at 28th march then your conception was occurred about after 14 days means at 11th April. Your first trimester will end after 12 weeks means at 20th June. Your second trimester will end after 27 weeks means at 3rd October. Third trimester end date is the same as estimated due date means 4th January.

Total period of pregnancy

Normal Full Term Pregnancy length is 40 weeks. The unborn baby spends almost 38 weeks in the mother’s womb. But the average length of pregnancy considered as 49 weeks because it is very hard to find out the accurate conception date.

Full Term Pregnancy

A pregnancy is considered full term if birth falls between 37 to 42 weeks of the estimated due date, but according to new definitions a pregnancy is not full term until 39 weeks.

  • Early Term: 37 weeks to 38 weeks and 6 days
  • Full Term: 39 weeks to 40 weeks and 6 days
  • Late Term: 41 weeks and 6 days
  • Post Term: 42 weeks and beyond

What is Preterm Baby or Premature Baby?

If your contractions start before 37 weeks of pregnancy then you have pre term labor.

If you deliver your baby before 37 weeks, it’s called a preterm birth and your baby is considered Preterm or premature.

What is trimester in pregnancy?

A normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks and can be divided into 3 trimesters. All three trimesters have their symptoms. From week 1 to week 12.
Pregnancy called 1st trimester, from week 13 to week 28 called 2nd trimester and from week 29 to week 40 called 3rd trimester.


Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

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