Breastfeeding is said to be one of the most important parts for the mother and the baby as well after delivery. Doctors recommend giving the first feed within one hour the baby is born. The breast fed babies are found healthier than the other ones. It is said to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months. It protects the baby from various infections, respiratory tract infections, allergies, indigestion, obesity and many more diseases. It has many benefits to the mother too including shading pregnancy weight etc.

breast changes in breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is the most essential naturally pledged responsibility of a mother. Besides, the health benefits of breastfeeding; it strengthens the bond between the mother and the child. Lactation consultants say that parents have this myth in their mind that the breast milk loses its nutritive value after a year, but it’s not true at all. This precious feed boosts the immune system regardless of any age. Moms who breastfeed their babies are less likely to develop breast cancer.

Experts say that breast size changes throughout different phases of a woman’s life- during the menstrual cycle, after marriage, after delivery, while breastfeeding and then, menopause. The fatty tissues in the breast become denser while breastfeeding. The hormones stretch the fatty breast tissues after delivery. When you give birth to the baby, the progesterone level decreases and the researchers have shown that these levels are associated with the larger increased breast size. It is also found that women lose the accumulated fat in their breast when they stop the breastfeeding schedule because the milk-ducts get dried out.

There are different remedies to control this situation while you want to give the best to your baby also:-

  1. The position of breastfeeding is important to be looked and learned after. It makes the mother avoid any harmful effects on her breast and the baby as well. Like, leaning over the baby is not the right position, rather, keep the baby up by putting a pillow under him and don’t drop yourself down. This will help in not stretching the skin of your breast.
  2. Wearing a good bra is always recommended since a woman carries a baby. The good and stretchable bras make the breasts to keep intact and not lose or hang. This prevents further sagging.
  3. To have that pre- pregnancy appearance, try to wean regularly. Doing this will make fat tissues to redeposit in the breasts.
  4. Exercises also help to reduce the breast size or even control. The disciplined exercise routine will help in any issues regarding breast and other organs. Exercises like push-ups, arms raise, wall press and chest fly are advised in the particular postures.
  5. Massaging give the fat in the breasts to decrease and gives firm looks to some extent. Olive oil and coconut oil will help more while massaging the breast in circular motions.
  6. Avoid those delicious fat foods for some time. Adopting a diet of fruits, vegetables and lots of fiber will control subsequent growth after child birth.
  7. Increase the rate of metabolism by drinking green tea on regular basis. Green tea has ‘catechin’ which promotes fat loss.
  8. Eggs, mushrooms, sausages, oats are some foods that carry a high amount of protein and less in fat. Take a diet of these and see the difference in the increased breast size while feeding time.

If you find anything unusual in the breasts like lumps, too much pain, unusual discharge from nipples, redness – contact the gynecologist immediately. Giving your body parts better toning is everyone’s right, but keeping it healthy is the essential role.

Make sure you do not starve yourself while shedding the pounds, as the baby is always most important.