The miracle seems to give you the biggest surprise when a woman finds herself pregnant. Pregnancy is not only a wonderful journey of 9 months but, also an experience of bringing a life into the world. Staying with the little one in your stomach for nine months has the different experiences attached to it. Gathering all of them will not be possible but, we can talk upon some secrets related to health that is commonly found when a woman is pregnant.

cold and fever in early pregnancy

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The early pregnancy relates to the first stages of pregnancy. The signs that are first seen when you are pregnant are:-

  1. The absence of the period’s cycle.
  2. Fatigue for any cause.
  3. Nausea and vomiting.
  4. Slight vaginal bleeding, also known as implantation bleeding.
  5. Mood swings.
  6. Dizziness

Above symptoms can be seen in the early pregnancy period that is, the first trimester. In all the symptoms, nausea can give you troublesome nights. If not treated on time, excessive nausea can give fever and cold. The symptoms that show you are reaching this situation are:-

  1. The increased nasal congestion can show running nose for more than a week.
  2. Back pain and headache follows the cold and high temperature in the first trimester.
  3. Difficulty in breathing.
  4. Feeling weak.
  5. Cold can make you feel exhausted.

Mild cold and fever attack in the first trimester is normal because many physical changes suddenly bring the viral infections to become offensive in the early pregnancy period. Many women experience this with the starting of the first month in pregnancy. There are various reasons that cause cold and fever which may vary in all the cases:-

  1. The weather is somehow the reason to cause cold when would be mothers don’t take the preventions.
  2. The history of nausea can give the “would be mother” a chilling trimester.
  3. Birth control pills give side effects that can arise if you get pregnant.
  4. Any unhygienic habits can trigger nausea symptoms.
  5. Prone to motion sickness.
  6. The previous migraine history also forms the cause of cold and then, fever when starting the journey.
  7. Changes in meals that may not easily be accepted by the fetus.
  8. Taking fewer fluids and avoiding the diet recommended by the doctor.

Taking the wrong track in viral infections during early pregnancy may lead to severe results like spontaneous abortions, fetal infections, birth defects, too much dehydration etc. Taking right treatment when cold and fever come with excessive issues is extremely important. Precautions are the best treatments that will give a healthy start to your loved one. Take the best step you can:

  • Do not avoid the demands of changing weather conditions. There is always a difference in a non- pregnant body and a pregnant body of a woman. Do not ignore.
  • The immune system is low while pregnant. Carrying and continuing with nutritious and healthy diet is recommended by the doctor and by all people around.
  • Take more and more fluids and fiber-rich diet.
  • Avoid fatty foods and alcohol.
  • Take the right medication immediately if fever rises more than 100 F and cold reaches to give you complete anxiety and respiratory issues.
  • Try vapor rubs.
  • Steam inhalations are another brilliant way to bring relief in the early pregnancy cold.
  • Maintaining a good hygiene throughout the nine months will help mothers to avoid and even treat viral infections with care. Wash hands before eating and touching your face. Keep the surroundings clean. Take fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Complete cooked foods are safer in viral infections.
  • Make sure your vaccinations are taken on time.
  • Stay in the right room temperature when in fever.
  • Take rest.
  • Herbal teas are beneficial and provide treatment for the cold.
  • Use nasal strips.
  • Honey with warm water will give relief in the running nose.

The early pregnancy shows many different issues. Contact your doctor for every alien sign or symptom. The gynecologist will reassure for all the precautions.